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Promotional Trolley Coins

If you want to promote your brand with promotional products, choosing something useful is the best thing to do. People appreciate an item they can use, rather than anything that just lies around, taking up space. Trolley coins are a smart choice because everyone has to go shopping. While not everyone uses trolleys when they go shopping, those that do need to have a coin or token they can use to release one. Trolley tokens can also double up as locker tokens, which are useful for frequent visitors to the gym, leisure centre or other location where they store their stuff away.

The Ideal Promotional Item for Retailers

If you run a retail business, trolley tokens are the perfect promotional item to give out. If your customers need to use trolleys, they will always have a token to borrow one, but they'll still need to return it to get their token back. But as well as being useful to put in a supermarket trolley, a token is also ideal for putting in gym lockers. So gyms and other businesses might also want to choose coin tokens as promotional gifts. They can work for any brand as a handy item that people are sure to make use of in some way or another.

Different Sizes and Shapes Available

You can choose from different designs for your promotional shopping trolley tokens. With the recent change in the size and shape of the pound coin, many people now have tokens that no longer work for their usual trolleys and lockers. We have a number of token designs that match the shape of the new pound coin, as well as some that mimic other coins, such as 50 Euro cents. You can choose plastic tokens, enamel tokens and metal coins too. They also come on key rings or even on silicone bands, which is handy for making sure they don't get lost.

Print Your Name or Logo

Pound coin trolley tokens can easily be personalised to match your brand's requirements. Choose your own design so that you can give out tokens with your name or logo on them. Your designs can be printed or engraved, as well as made with enamel. You can also choose to have them include extras, such as silicone bands or keyring accessories. It's an excellent way to advertise your brand by putting it on an item that people will carry around and perhaps use at least once a week.

Put Your Brand on People's Keyrings

Because so many of our trolley tokens come with keyring attachments, they can go straight onto someone's keys. Keys are carried around all day, every day so people could be looking at your brand name and logo all the time. Keyrings are always useful, especially as many people have more than one set of keys.  Make your brand a permanent part of someone's life by putting it on their keyring.

Select products from our range of trolley tokens for a great way to promote your brand at trade shows and in marketing campaigns.

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