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How did custom trolley coins become a popular charity merchandise giveaway?

Printed trolley coin keyrings have long been the perfect promotional giveaways, especially for charity merchandise; there are many reasons why these relatively simple yet practical printed keyrings are the go-to choice. The price is the most crucial aspect of the overall appeal of branded trolley coins. Promotional trolley coins are perfect for high-volume giveaways due to their impeccable affordability and similarity to other popular custom merchandise; they continue to be relevant, practical and functional for everyday use. Charities are always looking for ways to ensure valuable revenue is continually flowing. Promotional merchandise plays a significant role in delivering critical funds through sales of promotional products such as printed trolley tokens. They are low-cost and offer an excellent ROI due to their higher perceived value when sold through branded retail charity merchandise. Another great thing about custom trolley tokens is that they will easily attach to your keyring, with a handy trigger clip to remove it when required. They are also ideal promotional giveaways for charity volume mailers, lightweight and will fit in the smallest of mail shots, a great way to advertise whilst bringing in vital funds.

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Which promotional trolley tokens remain best sellers

Recycled Plastic Trolley Coins:

Ask any promotional products supplier, and they will agree that there is now a greater demand for eco-friendly and sustainable items such as recycled promotional trolley coins than ever before. Not only are recycled promotional shopping trolley tokens a great way to advertise your business, where your logo will be visible for all to see, but they are also great for the environment. On top of this, they also have a fast lead time of just a few days as they are generally UK-made.

Metal Full-Colour Print Trolley Coins:

More people are now turning to full-colour print for their promotional giveaways, and branded trolley coins are no exception. Low cost, lightweight and visually stunning when printed in full colour, metal custom trolley coins are one of the most iconic promotional products on the market. They offer unrivalled durability and are ideal for adding to any other keys to ensure they are accessible daily.

Enamel Custom Trolley Coins:

The classic enamelled trolley coin keyrings are the most popular within the range. Enamelled trolley coins make excellent promotional merchandise for event giveaways, corporate gifts, souvenir shops, supermarkets and charity retail and are perfect for volume purchasing. The enamel effect is also incredibly eye-catching, ensuring your brand is visible for all to see.

Promotional Wishbone Shaped Trolley Coins:

The unmistakable design of the  custom wishbone trolley coin keyrings makes it an excellent option for promotional merchandise and retail. This popular style offers an alternative to the standard trolley coin design whereby the coin is housed in an easily accessible wishbone shape, keeping it safe and protected from potential abrasion when attached to a keyring.

Engraved Wooden Trolley Coins:

Eco-friendly and sustainable products have rapidly become the most sought after within a relatively short period, and custom merchandise such as custom wooden trolley coins are the epitome of eco! Not only are they made using natural wood, but they are also aesthetically natural, and when engraved, they offer a much higher perceived value product. Ideal for student events, gift shops, charities and environmentally focused industries.

With so many options of branded trolley coins to explore, why not speak to the Positive media Promotions Team

Our team are on hand and ready to assist with your branded products enquiry, whatever the event industry or budget. Our expert knowledge on items such as promotional trolley coin keyrings is unmatched within the promotional products industry. We'll guide you through the many options, from recycled plastic, wood, metal and more, to find the most relevant solution for you and your brand!

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