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How to have fun with your custom printed notepads

Paper branded products are popular printed gifts for all industry types, and promotional desk pads are certainly the most in-demand. The great thing about printed stationery is that it's affordable, accessible and available in a vast collection of sizes to suit all purposes. From a branding perspective, they offer an unrivalled print area; promotional pads can be printed all over and on each sheet, which is why they make the perfect printed merchandise gifts. Adding quotes and puzzles, you can have fun with your custom desk pad. Still, you can also utilise the many templates on offer, from to-do lists and calendars- these are especially effective on the more significant printed desk pads, such as the A3 size. Making your promotional notepads fun and interactive gives you a unique opportunity to engage with your audience whilst ensuring you include all essential contact details and information about your products and services. The A6 and printed A5 desk pad sizes are perfect for shopping lists, jotting notes and keeping in your pocket whilst on the move or simply as handy desk merchandise for day-to-day use.

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Why not consider a promotional notepad with a pen?

There is no shortage of clever and innovative promotional products crafted to make our lives easier but also to carry out an imperative objective; to promote, advertise, and raise brand awareness. A popular choice for promotional notepads is to combine a branded pen to make an even more practical gift. Adding a simple yet effective printed pen to your promotional pads offers a desktop-ready solution for any occasion, whether at the office, home, or packaged for retail - two popular branded products combined that make affordable and highly functional merchandise.

How to choose between a printed notepad and a promotional wiro notepad

The aesthetically pleasing and durable printed wiro notepad has become a best seller within the promotional merchandise market, especially for the education sector. Wire-bound notebooks make exceptional promotional desk pads, but they offer unmatched quality, ideal for everyday use where they are handled continuously in and out of bags. Due to their wire-bound finish and generally containing more sheets of paper, the branded wiro notebooks deliver a slightly more premium item than the standard printed notepad. The classic pad makes the perfect solution for lower cost and regular promotional merchandise for high-volume event giveaways, direct mail and office use. The branded wiro notebook is an appealing option for branded retail, with a broad selection of styles, sizes and colours to choose from that will offer a good ROI and excellent profit margin every time.

How we brand your custom notepads

Like all promotional products, notepads can be branded in various ways, depending on the individual product, its material and the artwork requirements. A popular and cost-effective method is screen printing; this gives a smooth and premium finish, matched to your brand Pantone colours. Another print option for notepads is a digital process. It enables a full-colour print method with little or no restrictions to the design, ideal for photo images, artwork with fine details along with graduated and multilayered colours.

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