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Promotional Mouse Mats

The use of mobile devices might be rising ever higher, but people still use desktop computers for many reasons. They are particularly used in a work context, as well as for gaming, and anything that requires more power than a laptop might be able to provide. Many people also adapt laptops and other devices for desktop use. That's why promotional mouse mats are still a good choice if you want to promote your brand. There are some great ways you can use them to spread your message and get your brand a permanent place on someone's desk.

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Customise Shape, Design and Materials

Our mousemats give you a range of options for promotional products. If you have chosen mouse mats to print for your promotional materials, you won't be limited to one simple design. You can choose from a number of different shapes and materials, plus choose your own design to print on your mouse mats. You can get mats like the Brite-Mat, which is made using recycled materials. The Q-Mat comes in several different shapes, such as hearts and houses, as well as standard rectangular and round designs. You can even print on both sides of some mats for double branding.

Print Mats for All Types of Mouse

It's important to match up mouse mats to the right type of mouse so that they have optimum precision. We have options for both optical and laser mice to provide people with either a workspace or a gaming surface. Low-cost options like the Smartmat Optiplus might not be as durable as some other choices, but they can offer excellent optical mouse performance. Other mouse mats offer hard surfaces, which are ideal for precision control. Some are made using smart memory foam and are specially designed to have anti-slip properties.

Bundle Mouse Mats with Coasters

You can even bundle up mousemats with coasts for special promotional offers. Get the ToughMat or HardTop Mat with two coasts that feature matching designs. These bundles make an excellent promotional gift that will give people all the desk accessories they need. They could be useful for people to use at work or at home. Both mouse mats and coasters help to keep desks neat and organised, and coasters can be used elsewhere too. They could find a home in a conference room or in someone's living room.

Give Away Mouse Mats to Promote Your Brand

Use mouse mats with your printed logos to promote your brand in a variety of contexts. You could give them out at conferences or trade shows. They could be extra items to give to people who buy a product or service from you. Mouse mats make great promotional items because they're not immediately disposable. They're likely to stick around for a while, advertising your brand and your message for a long time. You can print any design you wish onto mousepads to promote your brand.

Our range of mouse mats offers you a variety of options for promotional materials. Choose the products that work for you and personalise them with your branding.

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