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Eco-friendly printed poncho options available for 2023

Like many other branded products, more people are now looking for eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives, and custom-printed ponchos are no exception. Businesses are keen to move away from single-use plastics and disposable items that are not biodegradable or recyclable; being seen to being green is imperative, not only good for the planet but it's good for business too, enhancing your reputation and, of course, company kudos, especially in today's competitive marketplace. Products like the Biodegradable Poncho (5%) are excellent examples of how everyday, practical, and functional items have adapted and evolved to meet the demands of modern, eco-conscious consumerism.

How the Positive Media team will help you source the ideal merchandise for your next event

Our industry experts are always on hand and ready to help source the most suitable, affordable and relevant products. Where to buy ponchos? Look no further! Our team are unlike any other promotional product supplier. We collaborate with all our customers, offering expertise on what's new, trending, and in demand, ensuring you receive the best-branded merchandise on time and within budget!

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Why would you would want to invest in custom branded ponchos for your next event?

Brand Awareness: Investing in event merchandise, such as branded ponchos, make excellent giveaways for attendees to wear at the event and afterwards. They also provide a unique opportunity for your company to be visible while increasing and enhancing brand awareness.

Functionality: Branded waterproof clothing for outdoor events is imperative to protect your attendees from the elements. Custom jackets like printed ponchos are an invaluable way to promote and advertise your business and services to a broad, diverse and lucrative audience.

Memorability: You can maximise your investment from a practical and relevant perspective by choosing promotional rain ponchos. They provide a handy gift solution, just like other promotional products. Still, when worn repeatedly after the event, they will continue to elevate your brand further with a memorable souvenir for all to see.

Cost Effective: Promotional ponchos are just as, if not more, competitive overall than many other event merchandise items. The custom poncho is a highly versatile branded product, the ideal giveaway for outdoor events or excellent retail sellers. It makes for great festival printed products with an attractive profit margin and tempting ROI.

Which printed ponchos work best for each industry

Charities invest in promotional ponchos for many reasons; they are ideal for outdoor fundraising events, staff wear, and attractive retail sellers. The low-cost but incredibly appealing custom keyring poncho, a ball shape with a good print area containing an emergency disposable poncho, is one of the best sellers due to its price point and extensive range of bright and tempting colours.

Festivals & Music Events:
The diverse range of summer festivals and music events offers a unique opportunity to promote and advertise your brand while keeping the crowds dry, happy, and the party going! Promotional ponchos make great festival printed products, and the Sandra poncho is low cost, easy to store, compact and provides a generous print area to the packaging, the perfect festival companion!

Poncho in a pouch!
The popular Raincoat in pouch offers a handy compact poncho solution, ideal for promotional use and retail, where it will ensure fantastic ROI due to its high-profit margin capability. The pouch provides a safe place to store your wet Raincoat rather than carry it around when not used. These printed raincoats are available in a range of bright and appealing colours; one size fits all.

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