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Promotional pencils customised with your logo or message. Branded pencils are popular gift gifts for schools and education and great retail re-seller products for gift shops. 

Our Advice On Using Custom Printed Pencils For Education

The most popular promotional items are often the ones that are simple yet effective whilst being incredibly affordable, and for the education sector, children's merchandise giveaways are imperative. The great thing about printed items such as custom pencils is that they are versatile for everyday use, no matter the task. Pencils are popular school merchandise giveaways; they are low-cost, making them ideal for bulk purchasing. However, logo pencils come in various styles and colours to suit all age groups and closely match a school brand's colour and identity. Pencils are the most in-demand cheap promotional products for education. They are ideal for motivational tools, competition prizes, events and open-day giveaways while decorating a classroom with colour and instruments to encourage expressive by writing and drawing.

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Tips On Using Printed Pencils For Fundraising

Charity fundraising and promotional pencils are synonymous; they go hand in hand and offer the perfect budget event merchandise and attractive pencils with logos for retail. Millions of people use branded promotional pencils daily. They are the ideal accompaniment to any fundraising event, whether a giveaway or souvenir for making a donation or taking part in a survey, whereby you get to keep the promotional pencils. Also, printed pencils uk are lightweight and durable, making them an excellent direct mailing gift, targeting a specific demographic or simply blanket mailing to increase donation and new members' sign-up revenue. Like corporate pencils, charity pencils come in various styles and branding options. The full-colour wrap designs are becoming increasingly popular and enabling a higher perceived value item with a good ROI when sold through retail.

What's New For Promotional Pencils In 2023

More businesses and people are exploring new and innovative merchandise products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and promotional pencils are one of the many items that have changed and adapted to deliver this.

Eternity Pencils:
The impressive bamboo Eternity Bamboo Pencil offers attractive corporate pencils for everyday use and boasts a 99% graphite nib, meaning it's incredibly hardwearing, showing no signs of wear! Its bamboo fibre material makes it 100% biodegradable, which offers a much high-perceived value product, ideal for gifting and retail.

Newspaper Pencils:
Newspaper custom pencils are another unique, sustainable branded product, ideal for school merchandise giveaways, corporate, retail and charities - to name a few! They come in bright and appealing colours, making them the perfect giveaway for all occasions and reliable express printed products for last-minute events.

Recycled Plastic Pencils:
Plastic printed pencils uk made with post-consumer plastic waste is an excellent example of how manufacturing and production have evolved to ensure that standard and every desktop items day are now sustainable and help keep unwanted waste out of our landfills, making our planet a better place for us all!

Sprout Pencil:
The lead-free eco-friendly sprout pencils have pioneered innovation and taken sustainability to new levels! Not only are they made from sustainably harvested wood, but once you have used the pencil, you can also plant it. Choose from 10 different plant and flower seeds; Sunflower, Daisy, Carnation, Forget-me-not, Basil, Thyme, Sage, Coriander, Chia and Cherry Tomato.

Are you looking For A Corporate Logo Pencil? What Would We Recommend For Office Use?

Custom pencils come in many styles and colours to suit all budgets; they make tempting cheap promotional products for event giveaways, ideal for volume bulk purchasing, and perfect for the corporate market, staff rewards and incentives. There are various uses for promotional pencils, from client gifting at meetings and shows to including them in employee starter packs or gifts for onboarding new businesses and memberships. If you are looking for higher-end or premium pencils, there is also an attractive selection of mechanical pencils. Some exciting and trending pencils are available, such as the Auto Tip. This pressure-sensitive pencil allows the fully automatic mechanism to propel as you write.

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