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Paper or plastic? Why not decline both and take your own to the store? Our printed shopping bags are a wonderful way to show that you are environmentally aware and are willing to think ahead to bring your own bag to check out.

Promotional shopper tote bags are one of our more popular products, they serve a multitude of purposes and are a stylish way to easily transport your purchases from store to home. We have printed bags in a multitude of colours and shapes and sizes. We have printed shopping bags which can be folded for when not in use that will take up very little space and can be stored conveniently just about anywhere.

As a promotional item our custom printed shopper bags are a must have. Highly visible, these bags are lightweight and very sturdy. Your company's name and logo on the side will be seen by not only your current customers, but by everyone who sees you make your way through the store.

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Multi-use promotional shopping tote bags help the environment!

Our folding shopping bags are cleverly designed to be folded in such a way to mask the true identity of what it is. When folded, our printed shopping bags are in the form of clutches, wallets, and mini tote bags, to name a few. Not only are these disguised in a clever manner but they save you from having to sort through a multitude of articles to find what you are looking for. Let's face it, less clutter is always a good thing.

Your employees will enjoy these printed shopping bags as incentive items, as they will be able to show their support for the company they work for while getting something that they will utilise on a daily basis.

Our printed shopping bags also come with different handle lengths. You can decide what length would work best for your needs. The longer handled bags are perfect for the items you may purchase which are taller in height. The shorter handled bags are very good for smaller heavier items. The durability of our printed shopping bags means you no longer have to worry about bags breaking and your items being strewn about.

Please feel free to browse our selections, we are confident that you will find the perfect bag that will represent your company in a most positive light.

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