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Learn how the custom printed memo block allows you to market your brand on any desk.

A desk isn't the same with printed stationery, such as custom memo blocks and other relevant branded products; that's why promotional office items, such as printed memos, are among the most in demand. Memo blocks are practical and functional everyday promotional items with appealing novelty, such as ones with additional wooden pallet features! They make great promotional products to market your business at trade shows, an excellent way to entice people to an event stand when carefully displayed. When sat on the desktop, promotional memo blocks offer a constant source of advertising. With a generous branding area enabling your logo and company details, they are the perfect call to action and a handy everyday high-perceived-value merchandise gift that will be memorable.

Printed memo blocks can work for all marketing budgets.

One of the most appealing and impressive attributes of investing in promotional items, such as custom memo blocks, is that they are available in an extensive array of shapes and sizes to suit all budgets. You can choose from a wide selection of small wedges, mini blocks, palletised memo blocks and compact card blocks, to name a few!

Promotional MiniCard Memo Blocks:

This attractive eco-friendly memo block is simple yet effective, an ideal and versatile choice for all merchandise gifts and all types of industry sectors, but also impressive retail branded products, delivering a high ROI. The cardholder looks stunning, printed in full colour on the outside and inside.

Custom Spiral Memo Block:

The attention-grabbing and unmissable aesthetics of the Smart-Block-Baby-Spiral printed memos make this one of the most sought-after across the range. The 500 twisted paper sheets per block, presented in an acetate case, make this the ideal event merchandise, resale, promotional items for charity merchandise, and gift shops, perfect for the corporate and education sectors.

Which audiences will most enjoy a promotional memo block as a merchandise gift?

Printed memo blocks are versatile and handy desktop items ideal for a broad and diverse range of industry sectors; however, some businesses invest more into the memo block concept than others. Companies that proactively promote and advertise their products and services, such as those from finance, legal, consultancies, software and IT support, are some of the many varied sectors that often benefit from the excellent ROI and appeal that branded memo blocks offer as company merchandise. Many of these businesses are regular trade shows visitors and exhibitors, so products such as custom memo blocks not only have unrivalled longevity when it comes to promoting advertising, but they will offer an instant desktop call to action, priceless in today's online competitive market.
Paper-based promotional products are one of the most tried and tested forms of giveaways, highly valued by all industries due to their broad appeal and affordability. Printed memo blocks also pair well with a range of other company merchandise products; items like printed pen pots, promotional pens, custom coasters and company printed mouse mats, are among the few that work well combined with memo blocks in goody bags and custom desk gift packs for clients and employees.

The Positive Media team are full of merchandise ideas, so why not give our team a call to help?

We offer the most relevant and affordable printed products and promotional desk items within the merchandise market to suit all budgets and purposes. Our passionate and knowledgeable team are always on hand to guide you through what's new and on-trend. Let us show you the extensive range of best sellers. We will offer our advice and expertise on pricing, visuals and samples to ensure you receive the best branding experience on time and when on a budget!

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