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Explore custom printed paper bags

Learn which printed paper bag will work best for events.

Now that you have selected promo items and printed merchandise for your next event, how about custom paper bags to hand out your promo goodies? Promotional bags come in all shapes, sizes and styles, including bespoke paper bags, so there is something to suit all budgets. Not only are printed paper bags the perfect solution to hold event merchandise, but the paper is naturally sustainable and eco-friendly, which is even more reason to invest in paper custom gift bags for your trade show or exhibition. Opting for printed papers over material like polyester, cotton and plastic offer a durable but low-cost solution that can either be reused or recycled after the event. Also, you can choose from a range of handles. For example, if you are giving away business literature like brochures and catalogues alongside your printed promotional giveaways, then printed paper bags with rope handles are ideal, as they offer durability and reinforcement for heavier loads.

Why should you choose a gloss laminated printed bag over a standard printed bag with your logo?

Printed paper paper bags look great when finished with a matt or glossy lamination, but they also look as good with a standard finish without any lamination; it's all about individual preference. If you are looking for more executive gift bags for higher-end corporate gifting, then opting for a laminated finish will further enhance the overall premium feel of the bag. This action will work in your favour from a business perspective as it will raise your reputation as a company with a good eye for detail and knowing how to reward and gift its most valuable customers.

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Are you looking for a custom paper bag to gift to your clients? These options will work best.

With so many custom gift bags to choose from for your clients, it can sometimes seem overwhelming about where to start! The great thing about bespoke paper bags is that they cover all budgets, from the premium and higher-end boutique-style luxury rope handle laminated options down to the budget-friendly cheap printed paper bags - there is something for everyone. Any promotional products supplier will tell you that rope-handled laminated paper bags are the most sought-after and in demand for corporate gifting. You can benefit from standard stock sizes or opt for something more bespoke, crafted to your specific dimensions and printed how you want them, such as in the 100% full-colour digitally printed paper bags, where artwork and design have no restrictions.

How custom gift bags add a premium feel to your branded goodie bag handover

Choosing printed paper bags with logo to hand out promo goodies is a perfect way to add kudos and a higher perceived value to your branded products at an event, show or for clients and staff giveaways. For example, a printed laminated bag with rope handles mirrors the style of bag often associated with boutique and designer retail. So your event goodies and corporate gifts will be enhanced and elevated, adding a touch of sophistication that will benefit your brand identity and reputation.

As experts at printed bags, speak to our Positive Media team to understand your options

Our industry experts at Positive Media are always on hand and ready to assist with your promotional bag options. Our team offer the most relevant, on-trend, branded bags to suit all budgets and purposes. So when you are next looking for custom bags, don't hesitate to get in touch. We will guide you through all the best sellers and what's new and on-trend, ensuring you receive the best product solution on time and within budget!

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