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When it comes to custom pin badges which option will work best for your budget and audience?

Across all promotional merchandise, custom pin badges are the most recognised event merchandise. They make great promotional products and attractive retail merchandise that deliver a higher perceived value, providing a good ROI. Many industry types invest in printed giveaways such as promotional badges, from custom hard enamel badges to printed name badges. There is a suitable option for everyone, no matter your business type. The charity sector mainly utilises branded products such as custom pin badges for wide-ranging purposes; they have become synonymous. Charity merchandise generates a crucial revenue stream alongside fundraising and events. Promotional badges offer an unparalleled low-cost and easily accessible merchandise solution, providing an excellent profit margin when retailed, which is paramount to the charity sector. Enamelled options such as soft enamel, promotional button badges and printed metal are in demand for giveaways and promotional products. The premium hard enamel custom pin badges work well for retail charity merchandise.

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Promotional badges are practical as well as a novelty merchandise giveaway

Printed badges are not only popular branded products for event merchandise but also practical for staff workwear, especially plastic or domed badges. There is a broad range of identity badges, the most favoured within the corporate sectors are personalised metal badges. Not only are they imperative for security reasons, but custom pin badges play a pivotal role in advertising and promoting your business when worn by staff at trade shows and exhibitions.

Companies that invest in promotional merchandise for volume giveaways will agree that their appeal is unmatched by low-cost options such as button badges and soft enamel. Pin badges are the ultimate giveaway, and due to their lightweight, portable and high perceived value, they make the perfect bespoke gift that acts as a keepsake. This simple yet effective collectable souvenir is a perfect example of how powerful printed giveaways can be, small in size but with immense appeal and relevance, not matched by many other promotional products to this degree. Adding a printed backing card to your custom pin badges gives a relatively simple product a unique dimension. Great for retail and charity merchandise, with crucial information, a great way to entice a curious audience, increase revenue, educate and raise awareness.

For a fully custom badge for your brand, the enamel pin badge is fully bespoke; learn more.

The great thing about choosing enamel pin bags uk is that they are bespoke and custom-made to your specific shape or design. Whether it's hard or soft enamel, metal badges are generally tooled to a particular form when stamped, creating a recess in the metal; filled with coloured enamel; Pantone matched to replicate your brand colour pallet. The most commonly favoured size for pin badge badges ranges from 15mm to 30mm, usually fitted with a butterfly clutch fitment or bar pin, depending on the badge's size and preference. Hard enamel badges offer a more premium finish, delivering a smooth and refined aesthetic compared to the soft enamel badge.

Custom badges are popular in education, and school merchandise products will undoubtedly feature a badge. Low-cost but appealing products such as button badges are ideal for schools - they are great volume giveaways for open days, fairs and fundraisers. Suppose you are looking for something a little higher end for awards, student attendance and incentives. In that case, hard enamel badges are perfect for adding the finishing touches, especially in carefully selected gift boxes.

How do we brand your promotional pin badges?

Using four solid Pantone colours, the most typical and traditional way to brand pin badges is via soft and hard enamel; more colours are possible, subject to the actual artwork and registration of the design. If your artwork contains graduated tints, fine detail or complex patterns, then full-colour printed metal badges with epoxy resin domes are generally a good option. This method offers branding with no restrictions to the design for your enamel pin badges uk.

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