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Our custom logo pens are printed with your logo

Why are promotional plastic pens still a best seller for company merchandise?

One of the most widely sought-after and in-demand of all promotional products still in today's market is cheap promotional pens. Investing in printed pens has many appealing attributes, and one of the most tempting aspects is the overall cost. Logo pens are incredibly affordable, practical, and highly functional. They are everyday must-haves for any occasion, from promotional pens for printed giveaways at events and exhibitions to retail branded products such as printed pens for charity patrons; retailed through various channels deliver a good profit margin and ROI.

Everyone is happy to receive an advertising pen

Whether it's promotional merchandise or retail branded products, pens printed with your logo have mass appeal; they are used daily by millions of people in the home, the office and anywhere. Cheap printed pens are the most iconic of all promotional merchandise. Due to their extensive, almost limitless colour range and affordability, they will remain at the helm of all printed giveaways. Not only are promotional pens low-cost, but they possess attractive print areas. Whether screen or digitally printed, custom pens offer generous space to brand your logo and business details, which will be fully viewed daily by a broad and diverse audience.

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A promotional plastic pen is easy to gift at volume

The lightweight and portability of printed plastic pens make them ideal for company mailouts, targeting a specific audience directly to their home or workplace. Equally, logo pens are perfect for volume promotional handouts at trade shows and events. They offer a practical but subtle and unintrusive way to ensure your message is received. They are also a handy tool to carry around, pocket-sized and ideal to use at home and work after the show, with your company details at their fingertips!

A company printed pen helps with your internal branding

For internal office use then, company pens are a great way to reinforce company values and welcome staff as part of a new members gift pack. They also help your team promote further and advertise the business whilst giving your clients and prospects a functional and relevant gift with unparalleled longevity. Sectors such as charities invest heavily in promotional merchandise such as plastic pens. They help raise awareness as part of marketing and fundraising campaigns, but they also deliver much-needed revenue when sold through retail channels, in-store and online.

Logo pens are a long-lasting advertising tool, but with so much choice, how do you pick the right printed pen for your brand.

Choosing the most suitable custom pens for your business merchandise is imperative; not only is it essential that your logo and business details are precise, but it's also an opportunity to elevate and enhance your brand to a broad audience. Suppose your business logo is a complex full-colour design. In that case, you may opt for a digital full-colour pen with a larger branding area to the barrel, a budget pen such as the Contour Digital  ballpen or the Spectrum Max is ideal and a popular choice designed for this reason. As more and more people lean toward full-colour designs, many appealing options accommodate this type of artwork.

Do you have a complex design, no problem we can print our promotional pens in full colour

Full-colour wrap pens such as the Absolute ballpen and Harrier pen are perfect company pens offering a blank canvas for non-restrictive design work. For a simple spot colour design, the classic screen print, rotary and pad print are cost-effective and give a smooth and unbeatable finish. For something a little extra, a pad-printed clip is ideal for adding that subtle but effective feature, even to the most budget of pens. Clips are suitable for simple one-colour prints, websites, telephone numbers and catchy one-line text and slogans. The Senator promotional pen range offers a stunning array of classic style pens that print perfectly to the clip, delivering a brilliant and aesthetically pleasing finish but still for a low-cost price.




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