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View our printed drawstring bags with your logo

Why choose a custom drawstring bag over a standard promotional tote bag?

There are many benefits to opting for a drawstring over the classic tote bag; they have an unrivalled price point for a multipurpose product and offer an excellent colour range, with new colours added regularly. Printed nylon bags offer a quick-dry solution, making them perfect for swimming and sports, but a limitless range of industry sectors also, from education, government, corporate and gift shop retail. The drawstrings allow you to go hands-free, perfect for events where you need your hands on your mobile devices and free to browse products and literature at trade shows that you can't achieve so quickly with standard handled tote bags.

How we print our branded drawstring bags

Whether cotton or nylon, drawstring bags are branded in various ways, depending on the artwork design and the bag material. Like other tote bags, the screen print method is popular, but transfer and dye sublimation is also a good choice for full-colour designs, where there will be no restrictions. Dye sublimation is ideal for 100% polyester options, whereas transfer works well with cotton. Screen printing is used on both materials, producing excellent results each time.

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Who would love a gift of a printed drawstring bag?

Printed Drawstring Bags For The Gym:

The great thing about promotional products is their versatility and relevance, and promo bags such as printed gym bags are the ideal giveaway or retail seller. Gyms invest in printed drawstring bags with logo as they are hardwearing, reliable and available in an extensive range of bright and appealing colours. The classic 210D nylon makes the perfect branded bags for gyms and the ideal promotional merchandise for gifts and retail.

Promotional Drawstring Bags For Runners:

Custom printed drawstring bags are one of the most popular branded products on the market; they are low-cost and make the perfect event printed giveaways for sports and charity runs. Due to their unparalleled stock colour range and appealing hi-vis options, they are the ideal lightweight promotional merchandise to carry printed sports bottles, gel packs and other event-related branded products whilst on the move. You will be easily seen and recognised, especially on midnight walks and runs, with attractive but practical promo bags that also put safety first!

Printed Drawstring Bags For Education:

The education sector regularly invests in school merchandise such as printed school bags. As bags have become the most sought-after of all promotional products, it has propelled many styles, colours and sizes to become continuously relevant, whether it's a school, nursery, college or university. Printed drawstring bags are a must-have, not only to keep your items safe and dry but with the additional feature of promoting and advertising the name and its associated crest. The bright and attractive stock colours for custom drawstring bags make them tempting merchandise for giveaways and retail.

Promotional Drawstring Bags For Retail:

Promotional cotton drawstring bags are one of the most popular printed bags sold through the retail sector. The cotton alternative of the classic printed drawstring bag offers a more premium feel and higher perceived value, perfect for retail where a good ROI is required. Many businesses utilise the appeal of branded cotton drawstrings, especially ones made from organic and natural cotton, from healthcare, beauty and eco-friendly product sellers to premium gift bags for boutique stores and online vendors. The cotton drawstring delivers an attractive twist compared to the standard nylon, offering a higher margin for resale and making great printed giveaways to impress your clients and prospects with a premium touch.

Printed Drawstring Bags For University:

Universities hold many events throughout the year, continually promoting and advertising. From freshers and open days to marketing events and international exhibitions, printed giveaways like promotional bags are a must-have for any occasion. From the classic 201D nylon, jute, RPET, natural cotton and hi-vis - drawstring bags play an essential role in raising awareness whilst offering handy bags to use daily. Whether a custom drawstring bag or a branded cooler bag, for giveaways or retail, these low-cost, relevant and efficient bags offer a simple yet effective branded product solution year-round.

Custom drawstring bags offer a great product that enables an unbeatable print area, low cost and colourful branded merchandise that has an unparalleled versatility in promotional giveaways, marketing and retail. Drawstring bags offer a clever and cost-effective solution to marketing and advertising a brand constantly on the move where they will be seen by a diverse and limitless audience daily.





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