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Looking for promotional candy?

Leave a sweet impression of your brand at your next event or training session. Branded food and promotional sweets always draw a crowd.

Learn about the diverse ways custom candy can create fans for your brand.

Custom candy is a fantastic way to create fans for your brand in various ways. Logo sweets can be a fun and tasty way to promote your company at trade shows, and event giveaways can be a great way to create brand awareness and excitement. Printed sweets can offer the perfect way to showcase your brand, and company sweets can be an excellent gift for employees or a thank-you to customers. Promotional items like company candy can also be an excellent way to promote your brand through internal gifting. Employees will appreciate a sweet treat, and it's a great way to show appreciation for their hard work. Event sweets are also great for creating buzz and excitement at company events, whatever the occasion. Direct mail campaigns are another way to promote your business with branded candy; it's lightweight, low-cost, and ideal for volume purchasing. Charity fundraising is another area where custom candy can be relevant. Not only can you show support for a great cause, but you can also promote your brand at the same time. Thank you gifts and gifts with purchase are also great ways to use sweet treats to create fans for your brand. And seasonal merchandise gifts are always appreciated and a great way to create positive associations with your brand.



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Everyone loves retro candy. Why invest in printed candies over custom chocolates or printed mints?

It's no secret that everyone loves retro candy. From classic candies like jawbreakers and candy buttons to timeless treats like candy cigarettes and cola bottles, there's something special about these nostalgic sweets that bring back fond memories and a sense of childhood wonder. But when it comes to event sweets or promotional confectionery, why invest in printed candies over custom chocolates or printed mint tins? Well, for starters, printed candies offer a unique and playful touch compared with chocolates. With corporate branded sweets or edible promotional products that feature your company name or logo, you can create a memorable and eye-catching experience that will leave a lasting impression on your customers or guests. Printed sweets are versatile and ideal for various events and occasions, from weddings and baby showers to trade shows and corporate events. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your event sweets or promotional confectionery, consider investing in printed candies that will leave a sweet and lasting impression.

Which collection of promotional candy sweets remains best sellers for 2023?

Are you looking to choose the perfect collection of promotional candy sweets for 2023? Including sweets with other event merchandise and promotional items is always great. Custom jelly beans are a popular choice as they are easy to brand and come in various colours to match any company's branding. You can't go wrong with the Maxi Clear Tube filled with Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans, featuring a full-colour domed label on the lid and a clear vinyl belly wrap. Another tempting option is the Calendar Tin Jelly Babies, a large paint tin fully branded with a calendar wrap around the tin, a dome label on the lid, and filled with Jelly Babies. These top-quality products are a surefire hit at any promotional event, making them ideal for companies seeking to sweeten up their marketing efforts with some delicious company sweets.

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