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Promotional pens are a standard gift for corporate giveaways. You can easily include them with direct mail or hand them out when you're signing contracts. However, if you want to go beyond a basic printed pen, you also have the option of a custom printed banner pen. With a banner pen, you get to include a printed banner that rolls out from the pen. So you can have more information and more colour, but it still comes packaged in a compact pen. Printed banner pens can work for all industries and all occasions, whether you're handing them out at a tradeshow or conference, or give them to customers with their purchases.

Why use a promotional banner pen, whats the main benefits

There's nothing new about giving out promotional pens to your customers, clients and event attendees. Printed pens are easy and affordable to personalise, so they make excellent promotional items. However, standard promotional pens can get a little boring, especially if you have given them out before. If you're looking for a more interesting option that does more for your brand, custom banner pens could do it for you. They use a unique roll out message mechanism so that you can include a small promotional banner inside all your pens. The banner could be used for many things, from a business card to a mini calendar or a short menu. The print area to the banner is a fantastic advertising or educational space with a custom design.

How is a promotional banner pen made?

Our banner pens are made from plastic, with a clear barrel, inside which the pull out banner sits. The banner can be printed to show a branded image or message when it's rolled up inside the barrel, then show a larger design when it's rolled out. Some of our banner pens have metal clips and, as well as being able to print on both sides of the banner, there's also the option of printing on the barrel of the pen. We have different styles available, including pens with soft grips and even bone-shaped pens for a quirky touch.

A printed banner pen, offer a brilliant opportunity for a large print area

With a promotional banner pen, you have more flexibility for printing compared to a standard pen. Our banner print area typically measures 180mm x 68mm, and you can print on both sides of the banner. This gives you the option to have two sides of full colour printed promotional content. Some of the most popular things to print on banner pens include calendars and maps, as well as business contact information, advertisements and colourful images, and even short menus. You can take your branded pens to the next level with high-quality printed banners that offer something a little extra.

Get long-term exposure with custom printed banner pens

Pens tend to stick around for a while. Even if they get passed onto someone else, which they often do, it just spreads your message further. A well-made pen can last a long time, giving you at least a good few months of exposure, if not much more. They're also affordable to make so they can give you great value for your money when you think about how much they promote your brand. Browse our range of banner pens to pick the right style for you and customise them to your liking.

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