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View eco-friendly promotional products made from recycled materials

Learn more about the benefits of using recycled promotional products for your company gifts

Recycled merchandise giveaways are a cost-effective advertising solution to minimise plastic waste. Investing in eco-friendly promo will show your environmental credentials to your audience and that you care about protecting the planet. With options such as recycled printed pens and printed notebooks made from recycled paper, going eco promo in 2023 has never been easier.

For your next trade show, open day or exhibition, why not explore recycled promotional products to hand out to your client and event attendees and create a positive brand image right from the start.




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How can recycled promotional products boost your environmental credentials as a brand or service provider?

The concept of sustainability has rapidly become a vital aspect of promotional product gifting in the corporate world. Companies are now paying more attention to the sustainability of their company branded products, recognising that consumers and employees are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. This shift in focus towards eco-friendly merchandise is being driven by the need for businesses to align their values with their consumers.

Using sustainable promotional items is now a key strategy in building a positive brand image, increasing customer loyalty, and showcasing social responsibility. Companies that choose to invest in sustainable promotional items are sending a message that they are committed to reducing their environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Moreover, sustainable promotional products can also provide a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. These products can convey a sense of purpose and values, which can inspire consumer loyalty and help build long-term relationships with your clients.

Looking to put a new starter gift pack together? Explore these popular custom recycled desk items.

Welcoming a new team member is an exciting time in any business, so why not gift them a promotional desk pack to make them feel welcome and connected to their new team?

For 2023 it's easy to put a printed desk pack made from recycled materials together. Take a look at these options

Promotional A4 recycled notebook with pen

Made from recycled craft paper, the promotional eco friendly notebook comes in an extensive range of coloured trims for a perfect brand match. With a matching pen, it makes a lovely custom printed set for any desk.

Custom printed 10mm recycled PET Dye sub lanyards.

Need security passes to enter your office or building? kit out your team with a custom recycled lanyard with trigger clips for holding ID

Branded recycled Americano travel mug

Gift your employees with a custom recycled coffee mug to advertise your brand on the way into the office.


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