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Our design advice for customising an eco friendly printed notebook

We have a range of suitable branding methods to cover a broad array of eco promotional notepads. When it comes to printing materials such as rustic recycled cards, cork and bamboo, then, quite often, a single-colour mono print works brilliantly. We recommend simplicity over complexity, as the most basic designs can often have the most significant impact.

Are promotional notepads available in eco friendly options with pens?

Our eco-friendly notebooks offer a broad collection of styles, sizes and colours to suit all. We also have a range of printed eco notebooks with pens when looking for something a little more special. Examples include our A6 bamboo notepad set, which offers a recycled ballpen. Also, the Priestly recycled notebook with a matching recycled paper pen is ideal for event giveaways, company branded gifts, branded retail and everyday use!

Why not consider printed eco friendly products for your next exhibition

Choosing eco-friendly merchandise products over single-use materials such as plastics is good for the environment, and our planet. Investing in sustainable promotional items is also good for your brand and reputation. As a business showing your commitment and focus towards the environment is an attractive attribute and one that many people want to engage. Trade shows offer an ideal platform to display your eco-friendly merchandise. By opting for eco promo items, you will positively impact your target audience and enable your sales team to work confidently and knowledgeably, which is good for business, staff morale and the overall work culture that inevitably defines your brand.

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What sort of materials do we use for promotional eco notebooks?

Custom notebooks are among the most popular in the eco promotional merchandise gifts range. There is a vast selection of styles, colours and sustainable materials for consideration; whether promotional notebooks for trade show giveaways or sustainable printed products branded for retail, printed notebooks offer something to suit all budgets and purposes. Printed notebooks produced from recycled cards are ideal if you are looking for low-cost promotional notepads for your company branded gifts. The Cobble A5 notebook makes superb branded products for giveaways and retail and offers a durable recycled card cover with stone paper pages. Cork eco friendly promotional products are another widely sought-after sustainable material, 100% naturally eco-friendly and incredibly robust. The Cork Coaster Square is an excellent low-cost product, perfect for event merchandise or ideal custom company desk products for clients and staff. The most visually appealing sustainable materials must be bamboo promotional products; bamboo is durable, relatively low cost, and 100% natural. There are no limits to the scope of bamboo, from technology, pens, notebooks, USBs, bottles and keyrings, to name a few! The Nash bamboo ballpoint pen is a classic curvy style made with bamboo and ABS plastic, and they offer a range of contrasting nose cones and trims. These stunning budget pens make excellent exhibition printed gifts for volume giveaways but also they are ideal for the education sectors and gift shop retail. Recycled paper is the most recognised and widely used across all eco-friendly promotional products in items such as the Honua A5 notebook. The Honua is a classic style notebook but with a recycled RPET cover section with recycled paper pages. If you are looking for slightly more premium eco company printed gifts, recycled or bonded leather is an excellent choice. The popular A5 recycled leather notebook makes the most relevant, practical and sustainable company branded gifts ideal. These promotional notebooks are great for executive gifting, retail, and seasonal client gifts.

What other eco friendly merchandise gifts can you include for a client gift pack

There are few restrictions when it comes to sustainable printed products. There is a vast array on offer to cover all product categories. For your client gift packs, it's imperative to cover all practicalities and uses, items that will be relevant and used daily. For the desktop or when out on the road, products such as branded wooden pens, bamboo phone stands, bamboo wireless chargers, wheat straw printed USBs and organic promotional cotton bags are some of the many items that are perfect for all industry types, budgets and purposes.

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