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Promotional Pedometers

Printed pedometers are the ideal promotional gift for anyone involved in the fitness or health industries. They're useful devices that people can use daily, and watching their steps climb higher helps them feel good about themselves too. If you're looking for promotional items to give out at an event or perhaps in goodie bags for new clients, branded pedometers are a fantastic choice. They offer something more substantial than a promotional plastic pen and could be much more relevant to your business. When you brand them with your colours and logo, people can carry a little bit of your company with them every day.

What Are Pedometers?

At their most basic, pedometers are devices that count the number of steps people take as they walk, or perhaps run. They can often be clipped onto a belt or waistband, or sometimes worn on the wrist. Some printed pedometers have other functions too so that they can give stats about several levels of fitness. They might have a calorie counter to show the number of calories burned during a period of exercise. Some also have heart rate monitors so that people can keep an eye on their pulse. Many fitness tracker devices have pedometers too, along with a number of other functions.

Branded Pedometers

With our pedometer range, you can have full colour printed pedometers made for your brand. Our printed pedometers allow you to create personalised promotional items that are perfect for giving to clients and customers, business partners, and employees too. Print your logo and other details onto handy step counters that people could end up wearing every day, making them an excellent promotional item for your business. You can choose a logo and text that you think will work for promoting your brand.

Perfect Uses for Promotional Pedometers

Promotional pedometers are great for giving away all year round. People are always trying to get fit or increase their activity levels. There are some excellent uses for promotional pedometers, especially in certain industries. You might work in the fitness or health and wellness industry and want to give them to your clients or patients. A personalised pedometer could help elderly clients get out and about more or give away for fitness fanatics to track their activity levels. They're a great choice for a fitness event too, such as a fun run.

Pedometer Types and Styles

Pedometers can come in a few different styles and at different price levels. You might be interested in basic pedometers, which simply show the number of steps a person has taken. These most often come with belt clips so they can easily be worn at the waist for accurate step counting. Other shaped pedometers might also show distance travelled, calories burned and even your CO2 offset as you exercise. There are also wristbands and bracelets available, which can monitor your heart rate. Some of them are more sophisticated fitness trackers, which you can connect to an app on your smart devices.

Take a look at our promotional pedometers to find a product that's right for your brand.

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