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Promotional Eco Friendly Leisure Items

Innovative Leisure Eco Promotional Products For Combining Fun with Functionality.

Due to the popularity and continuous focus on eco merch, sustainable company-branded products have quickly become the preferred choice for businesses who want to market their brand positively. Like many other sectors, the leisure industry invests significantly in promo items, and eco-friendly branded merchandise offers many invaluable benefits, from holiday parks to gyms and sports halls, to name just a few! Practical and functional leisure promotional items like branded eco bags, promotional eco umbrellas, custom organic clothing, and promotional eco drinkware are ideal ways to advertise and promote new products and services, combining fun with practicality. Leisure eco merchandise is also an excellent choice for branded retail giveaways. It delivers an attractive ROI due to its high perceived value. Similarly, promo gifts with purchases and incentives for new membership sign-ups are also widely sought after. RPET promotional items, in particular, are increasingly in demand in the leisure sector, and custom eco travel bags epitomise the industry and make excellent giveaways, gifts and retail sellers.

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Looking for Sustainable Merchandise Gifts For Leisure? The Custom Products Are Popular in 2023

2023 has offered an array of exceptional eco-friendly branded merchandise, including some attractive leisure promotional items, ideal for festivals, outdoor events, sports and socials.

Promotional Hip RPET Bottle Bag:
This unique and appealing custom bottle bag keeps your reusable drinks bottle close by at all times! Made with recycled PET bottles, it features additional pockets for your phone and other accessories. The perfect promotional giveaways for festivals, holidays and outdoor activities.

Custom Printed RPET Saddle Cover:
Promo items come in all shapes and sizes, such as this sustainable cycling accessory: the RPET Saddle Cover. Aside from being an excellent gift for cycling enthusiasts, the saddle cover is ideal for trade shows, giveaways, and retail and is lightweight enough to mail out.

Promotional Sunglasses in RPET:
Whether it's a social media or team event, holiday, fun marketing campaign or retail, printed sunglasses are versatile and a must-have at any summer show! The RPET promotional sunglasses are practical and functional eco merchandise that will undoubtedly get your brand noticed whilst protecting your audience from harmful UV rays!

Why RPET Promotional Products Are Growing In Promo Options This Year

RPET eco promotional products are becoming one of the most popular branded merchandise across the range, constantly adding new and innovative options, so choice is abundant! RPET is a durable, low-cost material that works brilliantly for a broad range of promotional products, from branded eco bags to custom eco umbrellas, promotional eco notebooks, company branded clothing, and custom eco technology. Whether it's an exhibition promotional giveaway, business gifts, retail or event merchandise, RPET is making waves and turning heads! Attractive and popular newcomers for 2023 include the promotional Tundra 9-Can RPET cool bag, perfect for outdoor events and festivals, keeping your drink and food cool and fresh. The RPET custom gym towel is another appealing product, especially for the sports and leisure sectors. They work well as a new member promotional gift and will look great as part of a starter pack combined with promotional RPET wallets, custom RPET travel cases and promotional RPET bags. Organic clothing items have been a popular choice for many years, and items such as the custom printed Organic Cotton 6 Panel Cap offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to standard cotton and polyester blends.

When Gifting Merchandise To Clients Or Fans, How Will Sustainable Choices Influence Future Purchases?

Over the last decade, the interest and investment in eco friendly promotional products have increased exponentially, partly due to increased media coverage about the environment but also due to accessibility, relevance, longevity and affordability. Innovation within manufacturing has delivered some exceptional eco merchandise, where sustainable printed items like organic cotton, RPET, wheat straw, coffee husk, and bamboo have demonstrated that there are easy steps we can all take to make the world a better place with some creative thinking and plenty of enthusiasm. Custom eco-products offer much more than a promotional item; they contain a thought-provoking story and a higher perceived value, the perfect combination for a successful branded product!


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