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Great for volume sustainable merchandise gifts for your next event, trade show or exhibition.

Learn About The Environmental Impact of Traditional vs. Eco-Friendly Promotional Giveaways For Volume Handout

Over a relatively short period, there has been much focus on the environment and how we can all change our habits to ensure a greener and more sustainable planet. Eco-friendly branded merchandise plays a crucial role in this, too! Years before we questioned the relevance and value of promotional items, many company-printed giveaways, including volume giveaway products, were single-use items serving simply as advertising purposes; they had short-term appeal compared to the widely sought-after eco-promotional products we are all familiar with and have become accustomed to today. Many years ago, event merchandise was predominantly low-cost, non-recyclable and generally designed for single or one-off use with no environmental benefits. Fast forward just a few years, and due to continual demand, eco-friendly promotional giveaways have become the go-to promo items because of their relevance and suitability and because they are essential in ensuring we keep non-biodegradable materials and single-use plastics out of our landfills and oceans. On top of this, recyclable and biodegradable packaging has also followed suit, offering eco merch a further edge and solidifying its place, assisting in today's marketing campaigns, direct mailshots and corporate gifting.


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New Innovations in Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For 2023

Manufacturing has evolved and adapted to align with the demand for more eco-promotional products, with innovations across all product categories, which continue to increase yearly, and 2023 has already witnessed some exceptional new and exciting sustainable contenders further pushing boundaries.

Promotional BioBrand Bamboo Tub (100ml) Sugar Hearts:
Although promotional confectionery doesn't always evoke thoughts of eco-friendliness, items such as the BioBrand Bamboo Tub offer a unique and attractive alternative to the widely available standard plastic containers. The biodegradable tub delivers a natural aesthetic and a tasty treat, enjoyed with the knowledge that the packaging is fully degradable and carefully designed to be good for the planet!

Printed Vrie recycled Neoprene Can Sleeve Holder:
Neoprene features in many printed low-cost giveaways, from phone holders to wallets, cases, and drink holders. The Vrie can sleeve offers an eco-twist on the standard material, but this time, using recycled neoprene. This simple yet effective touch has transformed itself into a popular alternative. The Vrie comes in various bright and classic colours, perfect for the great outdoors during the summer months, as event merchandise giveaways.

Promotional Recycled Desk Items:
From printed eco pens, custom recycled desk pads and printed eco notebooks, most eco items are either made with recycled material or can be recycled, and those that aren't soon will be! Promotional giveaways like the Terran Square Coaster with 100% Recycled Plastic are a great example of how standard everyday merchandise has adapted to meet the growing expectations of our eco-consumers.

Why We Love Custom Bamboo Products: Combining Sustainability with Elegance

Bamboo is the most iconic sustainable material, used widely in many eco-friendly promotional products; it is one of the most natural, versatile, durable, and cost-effective - a perfect choice for most businesses when considering their promotional giveaways. Bamboo also offers higher perceived value due to its unique and natural aesthetic. It is ideal for executive and corporate gifts but equally for smaller merchandise giveaways and promo items, such as company pens, promotional bamboo badges,  custom bamboo lanyards and even promotional takeaway mugs. The Bamboo Keyring (20mm) is a classic example of natural simplicity; it looks stunning when engraved and makes the perfect token promo gift for trade shows and company merchandise gifts. Similar items like the Bamboo Badge also make great eco-friendly promotional giveaways; they are lightweight, durable, and bulk-packed, reducing unnecessary packaging. However, if you do want them individually wrapped, there is an option for a biodegradable bag at extra cost!

How Recycled Promotional Products Reflect a Brand's Eco-Consciousness

As the expectations and demand for more eco-friendly promotional giveaways, so will the greater need to invest. Businesses that want to evolve and grow will continuously look for new ways to increase brand appeal and awareness. Ensuring they reflect their image positively and directly to the audiences they want to do business with. Investing in recycled branded products offers a unique opportunity to connect and engage with people who understand the broader and more complex issues that face our lifetime and beyond, not just products and services. The environment is the most talked about topic globally, so demonstrating your commitment and passion for making change and becoming sustainable will enhance and elevate your client relationships and boost your credibility even further.

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