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Learn how we brand our custom leather keyfobs

There are many ways to brand your leather custom keyrings, depending on the product, size, and shape. One of the most traditional ways to print is via foil blocking; this gives a classic feel and works brilliantly on leather. Debossing and embossing also offer a premium feel, and due to the process, this provides unparalleled longevity compared to that of print or foil blocking. One of the most sought-after methods of branding leather keyfobs with epoxy decals is a favourite throughout the car industry, whereby you can have a full-colour design recessed into a metal plate, giving a stunning effect with a premium feel. Laser engraving to metal keyfobs is also an outstanding choice, especially for executive keyfobs, and is ideal for corporate gifting and the retail sector.


Why choose a custom leather keyring over a standard plastic promotional keyfob?

The most popular promotional products are items that not only promote and advertise a brand but ones that are also functional, such as custom keyrings, with the classic branded leather keyfob being the most sought after, especially for automotive merchandise. Of course, the range of printed executive keyrings is vast, with many appealing budget options on offer. However, custom leather keyrings will ensure you exceed branded merchandise expectations when requiring a more premium feel and aesthetic. Luxury promotional products are always in-demand and apply to a diverse and broad industry sector. Take the car industry, for example; car promotional products are a great way to incentivise or gift a new purchase. There's no better way than investing in branded merchandise such as leather keyrings; these premium branded gifts will ensure your sale will leave a positive impression and resonate long after the purchase. Additionally, you can always opt for a branded presentation box, ideal for high-end giveaways and the retail sector, where company leather keyrings offer an excellent ROI and an enticing profit margin. Aside from the car industry, leather keyrings also make great executive promotional gifts, perfect for staff rewards and onboarding incentives, and popular sellers in souvenir and gift shop retail.

Can branded leather keyfobs act as sustainable merchandise items?

More people are now exploring sustainable solutions regarding promotional products, and leather custom keyrings offer just that! Not only is leather a by-product of the food industry, but it is also incredibly durable and hardwearing, providing an unrivalled longevity product compared to the budget printed keyring giveaway. On top of premium leather custom keyrings, there is also an option for bonded leather, recycled leather made from factory offcuts, mixed and used in various products from promotional keyrings to custom leather notebooks. Bonded leather is arguably more sustainable and eco-friendly as it is the by-products of what would generally be waste', meaning all initial by-product elements become even more relevant, practical and functional.

 Regarding automotive merchandise, the promotional leather keyring is still a best seller.

Whether it's custom leather loop keyrings or the classic key fob style, the promotional keyring remains the best seller across the entire automotive industry. They offer the perfect premium gift to coincide with any car purchase, whether you are looking for branded key fobs, displaying your car make or model or advertising the name of your car sales business. One thing is for sure; leather key fobs will stand the test of time and enhance and elevate your brand, ensuring your reputation and continued success are prolonged.

How the Positive Media team can help source your custom leather keyrings

Our industry experts are always on hand and ready to assist with your enquiry, waiting to share their unrivalled experience regarding custom leather keyrings. Our dedicated merchandise account managers offer the most relevant, affordable, sustainable branded product solutions to cover all budgets. So when you are next looking for branded leather keyrings, don't hesitate to get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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