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Explore Company-Branded Desk Sets

How To Make Sure Your Clients Always Have Your Details At Hand WIth Promotional Desk Items

When it comes to keeping your brand at the forefront of your client's minds, promotional goods and company merchandise are essential. Branded gifts for clients, such as custom desk items, offer an effective way to do this. One innovative option is the Notespod-Deluxe, a desk accessories pad that contains five 25-sheet plain index tabs, one 100 x 150mm 50-sheet note pad, one 100 x 72mm 100 sheets sticky note pad, and one 50 x 72mm 100 sheets sticky note pad. Excellent addition to promotional event handouts or new starter packs, ensuring your clients always have your details at hand.

When It Comes To Custom Company Desk Items, The Printed Coaster And Custom Mousemat Are Still the Best Sellers

While exploring branded promotional products for company merchandise, the printed coaster and custom mousemats sets are still the best sellers. These promotional accessories offer numerous benefits for service products and are considered sets for value. Both custom coasters and promotional mousemats provide a great print area for your brand logo or message. They are also affordable and accessible to post, making them an excellent choice for company direct mail gifting. In addition, they are great for internal office branding as they offer a consistent look and feel to your workspace. Why not explore popular and effective printed desk item sets like the HardTop Mat & Coaster set? Comprising, one HardTop mat and two matching coasters provide an everlasting under-surface print bonded to a high-quality foam base.

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Looking For Eco Friendly Custom Desk Items? These Products Are Trending Merchandise Gifts For 2023

Are you looking for eco-friendly custom desk items for your branded gifts for clients? Eco friendly promotional items such as desk accessories, promotional eco notebooks, and recycled printed sticky notes are trending in 2023 as the perfect eco-merchandise gifts.

These promotional desk items not only serve as a reminder of your brand each day, but they also offer numerous benefits for service products. Desk merch can be a much-needed reminder for clients to use your product or service. For example, a branded notepad on their desk will remind them to jot down important notes or reminders. A custom mouse pad constantly reminds you of your brand and provides a helpful tool for everyday work. There are plenty of custom desk items, including eco-friendly options such as custom bamboo pens or recycled paper notebooks.

Additionally, these promotional desk items don't just make great branded gifts for clients but also as company merchandise for employees. Direct mail gifting is also a great way to distribute these eco-friendly custom desk items. Not only does it help personalise the gift, but it also creates a sense of appreciation that can go a long way in building solid relationships with clients. There is a range of popular eco desk products to look out for in 2023, such as the natural Bamboo Desk Phone Stand, which comes with paper clips and sticky notes, ideal for the desktop top office or home. For another unique idea, you can bring nature to your desk with our modern and eco-friendly promotional Desktop Garden. Choose from various seeds and grow with our aluminium corked pod, organic soil coin, and instructions. If you are looking for eco-friendly promotional items that offer unrivalled longevity and appeal, then the Enviro-Smart Natural Calendarpod is the perfect accessory. Stay organized and eco-conscious with this inspiring hardback notebook with sticky notes and a one-month calendar view.

Need assistance with Your Company Promotional Items? Speak To The Positive Media Team

If you need help sourcing corporate executive gifts or conference merchandise ideas, look no further than Positive Media. Our team can assist you in selecting the perfect branded items to help promote your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and let us help you make a positive impression.

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