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Learn More About The Main Benefits Of Printed Bookmarks

Many industry sectors invest in promotional bookmarks; they make cost-effective and practical printed giveaways and are popular, sought-after retail promotional products, perfect for charity merchandise,  schools and gift shops. The benefits of investing in custom bookmarks uk are immeasurable; they are a preferred option over plain and unbranded bookmarks, and due to their tempting price point, they offer a much higher perceived value item, one that possesses unique longevity along with a great branding area to advertise and promote your brand daily. Another appealing benefit to bookmarks for promotional items is that they are lightweight, easy to store and carry and perfect for direct mailing campaigns.

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Our Tips On Designing Your Custom Printed Bookmarks

There are few restrictions regarding bookmark printing, with many products now suitable for full-colour digital printing. Businesses always search for the most valuable and relevant printed giveaways, especially those with attractive branding opportunities; this attribute is imperative for promotional and retail options, and custom books marks uk are no exception. Classic custom bookmarks with tassels made with bonded leather make the ideal gift shop and retail charity merchandise, traditionally foil-blocked but which look stunning digitally printed. Also, custom leather bookmarks offer a great ROI, perfect for corporate gifting and retail; similar to tasselled bookmarks, these look great foiled and printed and even better branded with a mono design - with funny and thought-provoking quotes aimed at book lovers, simple yet effective. The classic full-colour budget card bookmark options and novelty aqua-style bookmarks provide the perfect solution for promotional event giveaways for schools and gift shop custom merchandise, such as in museums, theme parks, tourist information centres and places of interest.

What Unique Shapes And Designs Can You Explore For Custom Bookmarks?

Whether it's children's printed merchandise, event promotional items or retail charity printed products, custom bookmarks come in a broad range of styles, shapes and sizes, and an appealing eco-friendly collection to suit all purposes. Bookmark with memo stickers is a fantastic versatile option, containing colour memo stickers, a printed ruler feature and a lightbulb-shaped top - making ideal promotional products for event giveaways. The eco-friendly Eco Natural Leather Bookmark, made using recycled bonded leather, offers a sustainable trending product solution for business gifting and retail. Seeded paper small bookmarks provide the ultimate in eco-promo gifting, manufactured using post-consumer waste and contain wildflower seed. Rather than bin the product after use, once planted, it will grow into colourful wildflowers. For a fun novelty bookmark, ideal for children's printed merchandise, the Zoom Bookmark Ruler is perfect. This versatile and attractive bookmark has an 8cm ruler and magnifying lens.

How Can You Use Custom Bookmarks For Brand Promotions

From charity to printed products, event giveaways, corporate gifting and gift shop retail, bookmarks are one of the most versatile promotional items on the market. Not only do they offer practical and functional products that will advertise and promote your brand at events and trade shows, but also one that will deliver a good ROI when sold through branded retail. Due to their cost-effectiveness, bookmarks are ideal for volume purchasing, which is excellent for exhibition giveaways and direct mailing campaigns. Their simple design offers an unrivalled product in terms of longevity, used daily for business and leisure. Most bookmarks will print to both sides; this is particularly beneficial if you have additional information to share about a specific campaign, such as a charity fundraising or donation appeal. You can have a logo and contact details on one side and a message or call to action on the other.

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