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Printed mugs with your logo

If you’re interested in ordering promotional mugs which are printed with the name of your company, or with the name of an upcoming special event, you need look no further!

At Positive Media Promotions, we are proud to offer an array of wonderful custom mugs to our valued customers, including our popular promotional marrow mug and printed cambridge mug designs. To order, simply choose the style which is most appealing to you, let us know how what you’d like printed on the mug, select a quantity to be printed (in your preferred colour or colours!) and finish up the process by selecting your favourite shipping option.

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 Our printed mugs are easy to order, learn more

After you place your order online and we process the payment, we’ll begin the mug printing process and make certain that it delivers professional and polished results. We also provide appealing shipping options, as well as the most caring and competent customer service. We cover all of the bases, with a mind to offering our customers exactly what they are looking for, without any hassles or headaches. As well, you should know that we offer competitive prices, so you won’t get overcharged like you would with some other companies! Looking for printed mugs in a hurry take a look at our express merchandise.

Why Choose Promotional Mugs to entice and reward?

Use your new promotional mugs in order to make a great impression on sales leads or in order to reward loyal clients! Another option is selling them at a special event or giving them away as prizes at trade shows or via online contests at Facebook (or at your official business website)!

As you can see, there are so many ways to improve public relations and promote brands/events with custom travel mugs and other types of custom mugs. Our customers love the quality that we provide and this is why we have built a loyal following over the years!

When you place an order today, we’ll ensure that you receive the same stellar service. Getting the promotional mugs that you want needn't be complicated. Our streamlined online interface will make ordering so easy. As well, our Web-based service representatives are standing by in order to answer any questions and/or address any concerns that you might have. Don’t settle for mediocre quality and inflated prices. Instead, access superb quality for an affordable price. When you place your trust in us today, you’ll access impressive custom mugs which make a great impression on clients, sales leads and other important people! Whenever people use these mugs, they'll be advertising your brand or special event!

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