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Looking for eco friendly merchandise ideas?

Why not explore our promotional products made from wheat straw?

The Comparison Of Promotional Items Made From Wheat Straw To Traditional Merchandise Made From Plastics

With the ongoing demand from businesses and consumers for greener and more sustainable promotional products, innovative materials such as wheat straw are now leading the way. For many years, promotional items such as printed pens were for short-term use. Quickly discarded, with no sustainability or eco-friendliness credentials, that has rapidly changed, and today's promotional giveaways are moving to eco merch alternatives, offering a broad and diverse selection of choices focused on sustainability, value and relevance. Wheat straw provides a low-cost, durable, and eco-friendly alternative to pens, where minimal plastic reduces landfill waste and ocean pollution. Wheat straw's versatility enables manufacturing to create a wealth of eco-friendly promotional products from all categories, including custom straw desktop items, custom drinkware, and branded technology - to name just a few!

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How Moving To Wheat Straw Promo Items Helps Improve Your and Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in promo items is essential for a business to raise brand awareness and continually market its company, products, and services to new and broader audiences. Eco-friendly branded merchandise offers attractive benefits and appealing ways to enhance and elevate your business ethos by exploring and promoting your commitment to the planet. You will also demonstrate your responsible attitude and focus towards pressing global issues, improving business potential and the calibre of clients who want to work with you.

Looking For Eco Merch Ideas For Your Next Event? Explore Our Top 3 Best-Selling Wheat Straw Promotional Giveaways

Eco-friendly exhibition merchandise is among the most on-trend and relevant across all promotional giveaways. As demand and expectations increase, so does the exciting range of innovative eco promotional products. Investing in sustainable conference giveaways is a great way to showcase your business and stand out at an event; offering a lucrative icebreaker for trade show conversations is the perfect way to raise positive brand awareness whilst being good to the environment.

Eco-friendly promotional pens are the most popular promotional item in 2023, and the Ayr-Card Pen with Wheat Trim is a crowd-pleaser. It is ideal for sustainable merchandise ideas for volume low-cost giveaways, with an attractive card barrel, wheat straw, and recycled plastic trim features. The Kushi Wheat Straw printed Webcam Blocker is perfect if you are looking for more unique eco merch giveaways! As well as eco-friendly, they are compact, lightweight and cost-effective, making excellent giveaways for clients and staff! Eco branded technology is fast becoming one of the most popular categories for promotional items, ideal business gifts and higher-end event merchandise ideas. The W/Less Charger Wheat Straw epitomises how natural materials have successfully combined technology to deliver exceptional everyday custom eco-items. Compatible with iPhone and Android, with 35% durable wheat straw and 65% ABS plastic.

What Are Your Options For Wheat Straw Promo Alternatives for Tech Accessories?

 Eco-friendly Tech giveaways appeal has increased as more people use mobile devices, work remotely, and expect consistent and quality connectivity daily! Due to this demand, many innovative tech promotional items have surfaced, enabling us to work better. The Wheat Straw 3W mini speaker is small but packs a punch. It is a superb, exciting gift for an eco-conscious client or staff member, made with natural wheat straw and ABS plastic. The custom Riff Wheat Straw Bluetooth Headphones and Microphone is another attractive tech item that delivers a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic. Versatile, fun, and functional; ideal for video calls and business meetings, as well as playing music and gaming for leisure time. The Kenz Wheat Straw USB Hub boasts appealing green credentials and 4 USB ports for simultaneous multi-device charging. The ideal branded gifts are eco-friendly, durable, practical and relevant in today's rapidly changing mobile world.

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