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Printed Promotional Wristbands

Promotional wristbands can help you boost your brand in a variety of situations. They're particularly good for events, especially as people might wear them for a while once the event is over. Wristbands are also perfect if you want to raise money or promote a good cause. They're available in various styles and designs so you can choose custom wristbands that work for your purposes. Whether you want to promote a charity or an event or you want to improve security for an event or venue, choosing to print wristbands could be the best option for your brand.

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Print Your Design on Promotional Wristbands

With a high-quality custom wristband, you can print what you like on the wristband you choose. There's space to print your logo, name or message on your wristbands, so they promote whatever it is you want to put out there. Your wristbands might have the slogan for your charity campaign or the logo for your event so they can promote your brand in a number of different settings. You can even have embossed wristbands with raised designs, which is ideal if you want to add something extra and have a tactile design.

Perfect for Events and Good Causes

Wristbands make a good choice for a few different purposes, but they're particularly good for events and promoting good causes. Perhaps you're planning a festival, a conference, a concert or some other kind of event that requires tickets. Wristbands can show who has paid to get in and what they have paid for. You could have wristbands in different colours to note different times or maybe different ticket types. For example, if you're running a multi-day event, people with single-day tickets might have blue bands, while people who have paid for the entire event might have orange bands.

Wristbands are excellent for charities too. A charity wristband can be worn by anyone to show their support for a good cause. You could sell them or give them away at an event or to your volunteers. They could show a campaign slogan or a charity name. A good example of memorable wristbands is the white Make Poverty History bands.

Wristbands for All Budgets

Promotional wristbands can be made in a selection of styles, which means there are options for different budgets. Some are designed to be temporary and are on the lower end of the pricing scale. Other wristbands are tougher, designed to last longer, and a little more expensive.

Select from Different Wristband Designs

You can choose from different types of wristbands, including:

  • Vinyl wristbands - ideal for creating security wristbands
  • Silicone wristbands - high-quality bands that will last a long time
  • Tyvek wristbands - strong but affordable, with tamper-resistant seals
  • Magnetic wristbands - velcro wristbands with magnets that can store nails, screws and other small metal pieces
  • Glowbracelets - flexible wristbands with LED lights
  • UV tester bands - test the strength of UV rays when on holiday or attending an outdoor event

Get custom wristbands printed if you want to improve your event security, promote your charity, and much more.

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