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Why Printed Magnets Make Fantastic Promotional Merchandise

Printed magnets are a classic option for promotional merchandise and remain one of the most effective and easiest ways to promote your business or services. Not only are they affordable but they are easy to distribute in large volumes whether you are sending them out via direct mail or handing them out at events like freshers fair, for example.You can even post them through letterboxes which is a particularly effective marketing method for tradespeople, such as plumbers and electricians.The most appealing feature of promotional magnets is that they will be visible to the recipient every time they walk by or open their fridge, as well as having the potential to be seen by anyone who visits their home. This gives your business the opportunity to increase awareness and share a clear yet concise message through a cost-effective promotional product that can last for years. Magnets also provide versatility as they come in a wide range of sizes and designs, and they enable you to print full colour and display as much information on them as you need. If you really step outside of the box, with bottle opener magnets as one example, then you can create a printed magnet that serves more than a decorative purpose which will make it even more impactful.


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Looking to advertise your drinks brand?, Why not explore promotional plastic bottle opener magnets

A promotional bottle opener magnet is a clever and quirky method of advertising your drinks brand, restaurant or bar, especially if you are targeting university students.
This has twice the impact on the recipient and adds more value to your promotional product. Not only will your business now have the opportunity to be displayed in homes and student accommodation where it can be seen by dozens of people every day, but it has an actual purpose which will help it get noticed. It can be easy for a magnet to fade into the background when it has been sitting on the fridge for some time, but a bottle opener magnet will be taken off the fridge and put to use every once in a while, helping to reinforce your message each time this happens.

Opt for a custom plastic magnet in a bespoke shape relevant to your services

There are endless options and opportunities to stand out when it comes to creating a promotional magnet for your business. You can design a magnet that is shaped to align with your services. For example, a removal services company can create a promotional magnet in the shape of a van that displays their contact details or a takeaway branch can design a magnet that looks like one of the items on their menu.
A printed magnet in a bespoke shape has the potential to make more of an impression on the recipient and, if it looks good, it is more likely to be kept and put on display.
Remember, you are creating a promotional product that aims to be exhibited in someone’s home so aesthetics matter as much as functionality.


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