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Promotional lanyards are used all over the business world

Printed promotional lanyards serve many purposes. Typically they will be seen holding work badges and student IDs, business cards, keys, pens, coach whistles and other small devices such as flash drives. They are often used as a keychain and are very useful when keys are typically lost. Custom lanyards serve the purpose for the user functionally but they also turn the user into a walking marketing device for the promotional brand adorning the lanyard. In a simplistic and meaningful way, the printed promotional brand on the lanyard becomes a point of site display which moves through crowds of people putting the message of the printed promotional lanyard in front of everyone. You will spot printed lanyards at every site particularly at exhibitions and at schools colleges and universities

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Custom printed lanyards are usually bright in colour

Eye attracting and an easy and inexpensive way to reach hundreds, even thousands of people for pennies.

Promotional lanyards in effect instil a sense of loyalty and pride in the wearer that, unlike other printed promotional materials, will not be thrown away and remains ever present - popping the promotional brand everywhere it goes. Focus your attention on a printed promotional lanyard around the neck of a business man or woman and that promotional brand is immediately created with value in the mind of the onlooker. An athlete wearing a custom printed lanyard portrays confidence in the printed brand on the lanyard and creates immediate awareness.

Why are promotional lanyards still a best selling custom accessory

The wearer of the printed lanyard can personalise it with his or her own style without ever taking away from the printed promotional branding. In fact, the more personalised the better. This individualised marketing device is a powerful tool to getting a name out there in a meaningful way. In a world of fast advertising and ignored messages, a lanyard worn and displayed is a sign of acceptance, the printed promotional lanyard reaches out that acceptance to everyone who sees it and the value of the message is clear.

The lanyard keeps the most valuable objects near to the wearer in such a way that symbolises importance. A branded promotional lanyard adds to that importance the promotional printed name and that value cannot be removed or forgotten.

Promotional lanyards are useful, attractive, attention getting and versatile. They will drive up brand recognition immediately and are a valuable asset to any marketing campaign.

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