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View our ideas for charity merchandise

Promotional products to support charity fundraising teams and raise awareness.

Learn why charity merchandise is essential for fundraising

The charity sector relies on revenue streams from donations to carry out crucial work. Promotional products are pivotal in ensuring vital revenue through various channels selling charity merchandise online or in physical retail. Many printed items are popular for charity promo, from fundraising ideas for printed charity to giveaways to retail charity merchandise such as custom printed t-shirts, promotional cotton bags and charity promotional pens. The most imperative aspect of all these products is that they are low cost, practical and functional, but also they offer a unique way to advertise, promote and educate people about the good cause.

Are you looking to raise funds and awareness? Which charity promotional items are best sellers?

When looking for promotional items for charities, there is a vast array for consideration - ask any charity merchandise suppliers! Due to the limitless range of printed items on offer, there will always be a great product solution at your disposal, be it promotional products for event merchandise or branded merchandise for retail. The list is almost endless!


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Learn more about printed charity merchandise best sellers

Promotional Tote Bags:
Bags of all shapes and sizes are always a good seller for charity merchandise, but the printed cotton tote bags are one of the best! The great thing about promotional bags is that they are versatile, sustainable and come in a broad section of colours, making them perfect for any occasion, whether business or leisure. The printed 5oz cotton bag remains a best seller.

Cheap Printed Pens:
Like branded bags, custom pens are excellent promotional items for charities; they are low-cost, ideal for volume purchasing and offer an attractive ROI when sold in retail. Another tempting facet to investing in promotional pens is that they come in an extensive range of styles and colours to cover all budgets. Also, promotional pens are incredibly versatile and will work well as event merchandise, direct mail call-to-action gifts and retail. The printed contour plastic pen is a best seller due to the variety of colours and grips

Promo Trolley Coins:
Promotional trolley coins are one of the best-selling promotional items for charity merchandise. Not only are they budget, lightweight and pocket size, but they also offer an excellent financial return, whether through retail or used for fundraising merchandise. They are also incredibly functional products, ensuring your charity and message are visible to all. Choose from either metal or recycled plastic in various styles and shapes.

Printed Teddy Bears:
When it comes to retail charity gifts, printed teddy bears are a must-have for any age group! Fluffy, furry and ever so cuddly, promotional teddy bears offer a unique and fun retail gift that delivers an unrivalled ROI. There is a choice of off-the-shelf or bespoke made, and whether you choose a t-shirt, sash, ribbon or hoody to keep your furry friend warm, they all offer a generous branding area to ensure your charity and brand identity are always on display!

Printed t-shirts:
Custom clothing is essential in charity merchandise for volunteers and fundraising staff or when sold through retail, and custom printed t-shirts are among the most popular. Aside from being iconic and often considered a souvenir or collector's item, custom t-shits offer an un-parallel branding area, not only on the front and the back but also on the sleeves, which is perfect for conveying a critical message. On top of this, t-shirts are relatively low cost compared to their ROI; often, people are happy to pay more, especially when they are supporting and helping a good cause. Our printed fitted value t-shirt is a great item for a fundraising day event

How Positive Media Promotions are the UK's Leading charity merchandise supplier

When it comes to charity merchandise, look no further. Our experts are on hand and ready to help, guide and support you through a vast array of exciting charity products and clothing solutions. We are eager to share our ideas, thoughts and experience on what's in trend to suit your event and budget. We collaborate with all our customers, forging long-term client relations whilst offering the most relevant, affordable, sustainable branded merchandise solutions. Our product knowledge, sourcing expertise, and years of first-hand charity experience have enabled us to become the leading suppliers to charities and non-profit organisations across the UK and beyond.
We look forward to hearing how we can help you soon!

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