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How is non-woven fabric manufactured for our promotional bags?

Non-woven fabric is created without weaving or knitting the fibres together. It is made by bonding or felting fibres together using various techniques. Non-woven fabrics are manufactured from multiple fibres, including synthetic fibres like polypropylene and polyester and natural fibres like cotton and wool. 

Once the non-woven fabric is made, it can be used to make bags using various techniques such as sewing or heat sealing. The bags made from non-woven fabric are often lightweight, super durable, and inexpensive, making them a popular choice for promotional shopping bags, printed even totes, and affordable custom gift bags. done

Why invest in a non-woven promotional bag over a printed cotton bag?

Promotional non-woven bags are unbeaten regarding durability: Non-woven bags are typically more robust and durable than promo cotton bags. They are created from synthetic materials that are resistant to tearing and can withstand heavy loads. This means they are more likely to last far longer and can be reused regularly, making them a more cost-effective choice to advertise your brand or message in the long run. This is why you will see many options for promotional pack-away shopping totes made from non-woven fabrics.

Concerned about the weather?, non-woven bags provide water resistance? Which is super handy for carrying groceries, books, or other items that can be easily damaged by moisture, protecting contents from rain or spills. done

Non-woven promotional bags may be more eco-friendly. While printed cotton bags are a popular alternative to plastic bags, they still have a significant environmental impact. Cotton production requires a lot of water, pesticides, and other resources, and the bags need to be washed regularly, which uses energy and water. Non-woven bags, on the other hand, are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again after use reducing landfill rubbish.

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