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Take our advice to pick the best promotional pens for your budget and audience.

Like with other promotional products, there is a plethora of tempting branded pens on offer, covering all styles and budgets - for all purposes. Selecting the most suitable company printed pens can seem overwhelming, but taking note of the stock colour range, ink colour and accessibility of certain styles is worth bearing in mind. If you are looking to reorder many times, stock levels are imperative. Most budget promotional pens with extensive colour ranges, such as the contour pen will have excellent and continual stock levels. Still, the style and the overall ergonomics are equally essential to ensure you are happy with a writing instrument that delivers with every use, no matter how low cost they may be.

What are your options for your branding of our custom pens?

From screen print, pad print and digital, ideal for plastic, wheat straw and bamboo, to name but a few! These are all cost-efficient methods that deliver excellent results, time again! Laser engraving to metal and wood, and bamboo offer more superior and higher perceived branding options than printing; however, the price is often marginal. Engraving is also unique in that it doesn't wear off over time, like printing. With this in mind, engraving is a method favoured for metal pens used for corporate gifting and the branded retail market.


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Too much choice? learn more about our best-selling promotional pens

It goes without question that promotional pens are the most popular printed products when it comes to custom merchandise. There are many appealing attributes to investing in printed pens, ask any promotional products supplier, and they will agree. Items like printed plastic pens are the most versatile promotional products available, ideal for event giveaways, corporate gifting, charity fundraisers and everyday general use! From cheap promotional pens mid-range and the more premium and higher-end quality company pens, there is a choice to cover every taste, budget and purpose, making promotional pens the most practical, functional, versatile and affordable of all custom merchandise.

Printed plastic pens for charities:
Budget logo pens are a staple product for the charity sector, ideal for fundraising and charity retail. Items from the entry-level price range, such as Contour and Absolute, offer excellent promotional pens with extensive stock colour ranges and good branding options. The low-cost custom pens are also handy for volume mailers; they are lightweight and even more cost-effective when purchased in bulk.

Eco-friendly pens - wheat straw and bamboo:
Sustainable and eco-friendly printed products are a hot topic and have been for some time, with wheat straw and bamboo printed pens being the most widely sought-after of all. The continual demand for eco custom merchandise has increased exponentially over a relatively short period. Not only by investing in sustainable and recycled pen products are you helping the planet, but it is also an appealing way to advertise and promote your brand, enhancing your reputation and business kudos along the way!

Budget metal pens - Electra:
If you are looking for metal printed pens that offer fantastic colours, styles and features but with unmatched affordability, then the Electra range is perfect! Lightweight but good quality, the Electra pens are versatile enough for any industry sector, such as giveaways, gifts and retail. Their colour range is unparalleled, and they are great, whether printed or engraved - one of the best-selling metal pens, not just in the pens category but across all promotional products.

Promotional Senator pens - Superhit:
When it comes to printed products, like pens, that possess excellent value but quality, the Senator promotional pen range is unmatched with the Superhit at the helm! The Superhit collection of pens works wonderfully for events, exhibitions, gifts, and retail and is ideal volume purchasing for large mailers and charities. The Superhit range, branded by screen printed but also full colour, with digital print, offers stunning effects but a low-cost appeal.

How Positive Media Promotions can help

Our team are on hand and ready to assist with your pen enquiry, whatever the event industry or budget. Our expert knowledge is unmatched within the promotional products industry, and we are always ahead of the rest regarding the most current branded merchandise. We'll guide you through the many options at your disposal to ensure we find the right solution for you. We are also happy to share our experiences of which pens are most in demand, on-trend and the best value for money!

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