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Learn how a promotional wireless charger will become a high-value merchandise gift

One of the most on-trend and widely sought-after promotional gifts is, without a doubt, custom technology. Ask any promotional products supplier, and they will agree that the best and most relevant company merchandise is always practical, functional, and innovative - whilst also affordable. Not only do promotional technology items such as a printed wireless charger tick all these boxes, but they also make great executive branded gifts due to a higher perceived value and their contemporary, sleek appeal. Regarding promotional products, items like a custom wireless charging pad deliver a versatile gift that will possess broad demographic appeal. Whether it's promotional merchandise for client giveaways, staff rewards and incentives, onboarding gifts for new members, or repackaged for the branded retail market - one thing is for sure. The ROI due to the exceptional profit margin is unrivalled, continually powering our everyday lives whilst exceeding all expectations on performance and value. Why not consider a branded corporate gift pack which includes printed charging cables and a promotional power bank?

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How a printed wireless charger will advertise your brand to a broad audience

A relatively simple yet highly effective promotional technology product such as a custom wireless charger has no boundaries in its appeal; most of us now use multiple devices daily to work, rest and play and keeping ourselves connected is imperative! Like other promotional merchandise, a printed wireless charger is a unique and clever way to advertise your brand whilst reaching a broad audience. A promotional wireless charger offers an immeasurable opportunity for people to interact and engage with your brand and your business services, visible with every use. technology promotional products are also easily portable, ideal for travel and leisure. The perfect giveaway to clients and delegates at events and conferences, as everyone requires to charge their phones, tablets and other mobile devices throughout the day. This accessible branded product solution will ensure your business message is bold, clear, and, most importantly, remembered! 

Our advice on picking the most suitable wireless charger for your audience

Due to the limitless versatility of a custom wireless charging pad and the range available as promotional products, choosing the best fit for your audience has never been easier. Regarding volume giveaways, student fairs and charity merchandise, there is an abundance of fantastic budget options available, all offering tempting products with exceptional value. If you are looking for a budget but quality branded wireless charger pad, then items such as the Cuboid and Burnell chargers are currently top sellers. For more high-end executive company merchandise, you might want to look at something at the premium end of the range. The 10.000 Mah Powerbank with PD and Wireless Charger, USB and 10W Wireless Charger, and the Ontario 5w Wireless Charger with Speaker are all excellent choices, ideal for corporate gifts and high-end staff rewards. Promotional technology will ensure your logo and details are visible with every use.

Learn more about the best print methods for custom wireless chargers

The promotional wireless charger comes in many shapes and sizes, and so does the branding potential! Like other promotional products, chargers are generally pad-printed, a suitable method that delivers consistent results, allowing branding to smaller, harder-to-reach areas where screen printing is sometimes impossible. Aside from pad printing, digital print is also a sought-after choice, adding a splash of colour and the option of printing finer detail and more complex artwork in smaller spaces with compromised branding areas.

Why work with Positive Media Promotions to explore your promotional technology gifts

Our industry experts are always on hand and ready to share their ideas and expertise on our range of promotional merchandise. Our friendly team work closely with all our customers to find the most relevant, functional and practical tech products on the market. Our fingers are firmly on the pulse of all things promotional technology, what's new, on-trend and most all, value for money!



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