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Looking for custom embroidered or printed hoodies?

Our guidance branding options for your custom hoodies

Promotional hoodies offer a generous branding area to the front, back and sleeves, and depending on the artwork, budget and overall preference, there is a solution to cover all! Embroidery is a popular choice; it delivers a superior finish and looks great, ideal for workwear, retail, and promotion. Printed hoodies are also a cost-effective way to brand; screen printing is a good option for promotional hoodies, and for hard-to-reach areas, full colour and fine detail, then transfer print is recommended. Personalised names and initials will look great for university and workwear hoodies, either by embroidery monogramming or transfer print. Want to learn more about custom clothing branding methods, read of handy branding guide.

Key reasons why you need to invest in custom printed hoodies for your employees

Brand Awareness: Investing in custom clothing has many great attributes, for example, printed hoodies. Still, one of the most integral facets is the immeasurable benefits of raising brand awareness. As a business, promoting and advertising your products and services with branded clothing like hooded tops is a great way to ensure brand recognition, which will inevitably boost your presence and reputation.

Team Unity: Workwear such as printed hoodies offers a great way to unify your staff members at work or when representing the company in branded team wear at events and trade shows. Opting for company clothing is a positive and inclusive way to make everyone feel equal while creating positive team spirit, incentivising staff and increasing productivity.

Comfort & Style: Whether it's embroidered hoodies as event clothing or workwear, ensuring your team is comfortable and presentable is imperative. Hoodies and other company clothing come in various styles to meet all budgets. Still, quality and comfort are integral to keeping your team happy and looking the part when meeting clients and serving customers.

Cost Effective Promotional Marketing: Ask any custom clothing supplier, and they will agree that investing in volume printed clothing, such as custom hoodies, offers a long-term ROI rather than purchasing smaller runs and generic apparel regularly.

Employee Appreciation: From event printed clothing to fully customised uniforms, investing in branded garments for your team is an excellent way to acknowledge and show appreciation for their work. Custom clothing encourages people to work well and feel valued, enabling staff to succeed - which is integral for long-term morale and business!

Advertising: Another appealing feature of event clothing, such as embroidered hoodies, is that they offer an exceptional branding area on the front, back and even the sleeves. Branded garments act as walking billboards, promoting and advertising your business to a broad and diverse audience, physically and online, in social media photos and posts- making them one of the most cost-effective adverting tools on the market!

Which custom hoodies are best sellers for specific sectors

The education sector invests extensively in student merchandise; custom clothing and branded hoodies are among the most popular. Hoodies are ideal giveaways for freshers' events, open days and other social and sporting activities and yield an excellent profit margin and ROI when sold through various retail channels. Also, hoodies are the most iconic branded item of university clothing. Options like the Cool Hoodie are among the best sellers in this sector due to their extensive colour range and appealing price point.

Gyms & Fitness Clubs:
Whether for retail or promotional, gym merchandise is a must-have for all budding health fanatics, and embroidered hoodies are at the top of the list! Branded gym wear is a perfect way to advertise your business, gym, and health benefits. Still, it also allows local companies to become official sponsors by promoting the garments, saving money and allowing integration and engagement with the local community. The Cool Fitness Hoodies are a popular choice by many gyms; it's lightweight, affordable, and a blend of cotton and breathable polyester, making them ideal for working out and chilling out!

Call the Positive Media team about our custom clothing collection and branding options.

If you require custom promotional and workwear, such as branded hoodies, speak to us at Positive Media Promotions. We are a team of client-focused industry experts who are always on hand and ready to assist. We work closely with our customers to deliver the most suitable and affordable branded clothing and merchandise solutions, whatever your budget, event or purpose. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your next project and requirements today.

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