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Learn how hospitality and leisure can increase engagement with Pride promotional products.

Pride has delivered immeasurable and unique opportunities for the hospitality and leisure sectors to get involved, with an abundance of bright and colourful Pride promotional products, carefully designed to raise brand awareness whilst supporting a globally recognised event. From bar promotional products, printed pride clothing and other event merchandise giveaways, it's an excellent way to engage and support the local community.

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The Importance of Celebrating Pride

Pride's history began in New York City in 1969 with the world-famous Stonewall riots. The rioting that lasted several days from June 28 started after a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Lower Manhattan. It was a reaction to years of underrepresentation, suppression and police brutality towards the gay community. Decades on, Pride events take place all over the globe and have gained recognition and support, showcasing the LGBT+ communities, which has become a political movement too. The rainbow-printed price flags represent the diversity of gays and lesbians worldwide. Within the original eight-colour version, pink stood for sexuality, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for the sun, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. To coincide with the annual events, printed Pride products and event merchandise giveaways have become synonymous with the rainbow brand; popular Pride promotional products such as flags, hats, t-shirts, banners, umbrellas and badges are just some of the vast array of colourful and impactful merchandise that is available to aid the celebrations. Pride is an inclusive event for all people, no matter their gender or sexual orientation; it's a time when people can come together and celebrate the LGBT+ community, and it's also a time for businesses to get involved and show their support too. There are no shortages of pride merchandise ideas for companies to invest in and some creative and innovative ways to offer sponsorship support with fun and practical event promotional products to get the party started whilst also raising brand awareness and business reputation; being involved in such an iconic annual event.

Our Top 10 Pride promotional products

With so many pride merchandise ideas on offer, there will always be a choice of bright and prominent event promotional products to celebrate in style. Aside from the classic rainbow flags, companies and organisations invest a great deal in a plethora of other attractive printed pride products; printed pride bags, custom promotional Pride T-shirts,  promotional face paints, custom rain ponchos, promotional bottles, rainbow Pride fans,  printed sunglasses, and branded rainbow umbrellas are among the top sellers to ensure maximum exposure at any Pride event. Businesses that invest in Pride promotional items will positively impact their local community, showing support for such a meaningful event and highlighting commitment and dedication as a business that cares, an organisation that has solid values and is proud and willing to showcase them. 

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