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The promotional jute bag is also known as the jute bag or life; learn more.

There are many reasons why printed bags are the most popular printed giveaways; they are low-cost, versatile and appeal to both the promotional products market but also the branded retail sector. Printed jute bags are naturally sustainable, durable, and unusually attractive, a best-seller within the promo bags category. Supermarkets and boutique brands all invest in customised jute bags. Not only do they provide an affordable but long-lasting carrier bag solution, but their natural rustic charm ensures these branded products deliver a great ROI. Also, with prominent branding allows you to advertise your brand to a limitless daily audience, the perfect promotional bags for retail. With more focus on eco-friendly products and the greater need from consumers for sustainable solutions, custom jute bags tick all the right boxes. Choosing printed bags made from jute gives peace of mind that you are doing your bit to save the planet, reduce single-use plastics and keep our oceans safe for wildlife and humanity for generations to come.

Do you know we also do a large collection of printed cotton shopper bags?

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Out of all our promotional jute bag sizes, which will work best for your needs?

Printed Mini Jute Bags:
Regarding promotional jute bags, the midi style is some of the most sought-after. Their compact size makes them tempting company bags for promotional and retail products, perfect for gifting and offer a significant profit margin when sold. The Walton Mini shopper is a best seller

Promotional Medium Jute Shopper Bags:
The classic and most recognised printed jute bag for life is the medium-size option. Not only are these retail best-seller for supermarkets, but they are also affordable printed giveaways for corporate events and trade shows. Their taller and wider shape makes them the ideal printed bags for food shopping - especially for heavier goods but also great for carrying wine with confidence that the jute will be robust and durable enough to hold the weight. Why not look at our best selling printed medium jute bag the Chow

Large Jute Shopper:
Jute promo bags such as the Walton are sought-after promotional merchandise; they make superb branded products due to their practicality, relevance, and appealing contract colours. The Walton range offers a close match and synergy with many brand colour pallets, adding a subtle but notable touch to your custom jute bags.

Promotional Jute Shopper Tote Bags:
The great thing about promotional jute bags is that they have mass appeal, whatever the industry, event or occasion. Jute merchandise bags are the most versatile promotional bags; they are ideal for events, hospitality retail and food shopping! As far as bespoke bags go, jute shopper totes are the most widely used, great affordable, everyday items that offer an unparalleled branding area where you can utilise both sides of the bag to advertise your business.

Printed Jute Drawstring Bags:
Jute promotional bags are excellent options for various industries, particularly charities, education and events. They provide the same take on the classic nylon bag but with additional durability, naturally sustainable and a unique rustic charm not found in many promotional bags with logo. Ideal for carrying business literature, branded products at freshers fairs and trade shows, beauty products, and everyday shopping items!. Take a look at the printed Deli jute drawstring bags

What are the best branding options for your custom jute bags?
Jute bags can be branded in a range of ways, similarly to other promo bags. A popular option within promotional merchandise is a mono screen pint; they can look visually stunning with a single spot colour set against a rustic and natural backdrop, simple yet effective. Transfer printing is also a good option; they work well on smooth surfaces, such as a cotton panel that sits on top of the jute material. The transfer allows a full-colour design with little restrictions to the overall design.


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