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Why should you embrace promotional eco pens instead of cheap plastic printed pens?

Over a relatively short period, eco branded pens have become the most in-demand, overtaking the once best-selling promotional pens made from single-use plastics. By investing in eco-friendly promotional pens for your business, you play a small but crucial part in keeping the oceans free from plastics, reducing the loss and, in some cases, extinction of marine life and wildlife as a whole. Choosing sustainable promotional merchandise that uses natural and recyclable materials will also ensure a broad and diverse audience notices your brand. For events, trade shows and client meetings, opting for eco promotional pens with logo will enhance and highlight your company culture and philosophy and set you aside from your competitors. As a business, it shows that you care about the environment by implementing forward-thinking within its company printed products.

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Learn more about the many different types of eco friendly printed pens to advertise your brand in 2022

Printed pens are the most sought-after of all promotional merchandise on the market; whether it's premium or cheap promotional pens, the range of sustainable materials is continually growing, from bamboo, wheat straw, recycled plastic, wood and recycled paper, to name but a few! As the demand for eco branded pens continues, the price becomes more competitive, making eco printed products such as pens the more cost-effective solution, so there is no excuse to buy single-use plastic custom pens anymore!

Promotional Bamboo Pens:
The Bamboo automatic ball pen is a classic example of how innovation within sustainability has delivered everyday practical items such as the automatic bamboo custom pens. They are ideal for a broad range of industries from charities, universities, corporate and the branded retail market.

Printed Wheat Straw Pens:
The wheat straw Moneta pen is perfect for a competitively low-priced and attractive eco pen, ideal for event merchandise, retail and client gifting. The Moneta uses 48% wheat straw rather than plastic, so each branded pen reduces the need for unusable plastic from landfills and oceans by half, an incredible achievement and at such a critical time, especially with the issues facing us all regarding climate change and global pollution.

Custom Recycled Plastic Pens:
With so many company printed products made using plastic, we can rest assured that most of these plastic items will be from recycled sources. Plastic features in many products, such as disposable water bottles, but with some clever engineering and an eco-friendly objective, limitless amounts of practical and everyday printed products can be created by reusing discarded plastics such as PET. The Recyclo Ballpen is a classic example of how simple and standard desktop products are now at the forefront of innovation, with one focus: to help save our planet!

Custom Branded Cork Pens:
Ask any promotional products supplier, and they will agree; cork is 100% sustainable but also durable and cost-effective - the perfect combination for any business event merchandise. The Midar cork and wheat straw pens are aesthetically stunning. Made with two on-trend sustainable materials, cork and wheat straw, they are ideal for all budgets and purposes, from education, gift shop retail, charities and even corporate.

Why should you consider eco friendly promotional products for your next event?

If you want to stand out at your next event, be the talk of the exhibition hall and attract new business in style with emphasis on the environment, then choose promotional pens eco friendly. Eco products, in general, will help you achieve your goal; they will raise awareness and your reputation about your brand, identity and your moral obligation to our planet by being seen to invest in sustainable printed products.

Speak to the Positive Media Promotions team about your options for promotional eco friendly giveaways

Our team are on hand and ready to assist with your eco-friendly giveaways, whatever your event or budget. Our expert knowledge is unparalleled in the industry, and we know our merchandise, what's new, -on-trend, and most popular. We'll guide you through the vast array of solutions and share our experiences of what will work and why!
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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