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Promotional Tape Measures

Branded tape measures could help you promote your business in a fun and practical way. Everyone loves free things, and your clients and customers are sure to be delighted to receive something they can actually use. Tape measures are an excellent choice if you want to give away promotional items that are relevant to your business. They are ideal if you work in the construction industry, real estate, or even furniture and interior design. Give people a gift they can easily carry with them wherever they go and that they can make use out of, instead of just leaving it lying around.

Useful Promotional Products

All too often, businesses choose to give away promotional gifts which are not relevant to their brand. Branded tape measures could be a more personal choice linking to your brand, and they're a practical gift to give away. You might work with tradespeople who use them every day or others who find a use for their tape measure on occasion.

Perfect for a Range of Businesses

Tape measures are a fantastic choice for any business to give away, but they are particularly suited to some industries. If you work in construction, a tape measure is excellent to give to clients, contractors, surveyors and anyone you work with. Perhaps you work in real estate, and you could give a personalised tape measure to each of the people you work with when they're buying or selling their home. Even furniture stores or interior decorating companies could choose one of these promotional products to promote their brand among their clients and customers. Soft tape measures are useful for the fashion and fitness industries too.

Tape Measure Options

If you want to buy promotional tape measures for your company, you can choose from a wide range of different high-quality designs. Don't think that tape measures all look the same because they can come in different shapes, styles and materials. Whether you want a plain, round tape measure or one shaped like a house, you can choose a design that's right for your brand. There are different lengths available too, with tape measures going up to 5m. You can choose a tape measure keyring or one with a belt clip, depending on how you think people will want to carry them. It's even possible to choose body mass index (BMI) tape measure for health and fitness enthusiasts or a tailor's tape.

Print Your Logo on Tape Measures

You can personalise our wide variety of tape measures for your brand by printing your logo on them. Print your company logo in full colour for a great promotional item that will make people think of your brand. You can print your logo on the side of a tape measure case for a clear way to advertise your brand whenever the item is being used.

Choose the tape measure that works for your brand to promote your company in a fun and unique way.

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