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Promotional Stress Toys

Everyone needs to relieve some stress sometimes, which is why stress toys make a brilliant promotional product. If you don't want to offer pens or notepads, stress toys are another option that can sit on people's desks. They can be carried around too, finding a home in people's bags or in their cars. Stress toys are an affordable way of getting your message across, and they're long-lasting too. They could spend years in someone's office or home, which is excellent news for you and your brand. If you have an event coming up or you want to give out promotional items as a token of appreciation to your customers, custom stress balls could be right for you.

A Fun Option with Flexible Designs

Stress toys give you a selection of fun designs to choose from so you can pick one that suits your brand. Our range of stress toys includes shapes ranging from light bulbs and footballs to hard hats, hearts, aeroplanes and vans. You can choose a design that resonates with your company and customers. Plus, you can customise your stress toys further by printing your company logo on them. This makes them ideal to hand out at trade shows or for other events, as well as to include in direct mail or give to existing customers.

Excellent for Any Business

Promotional stress balls work for any kind of business. You can choose a shape that has something to do with your company's message or simply pick a ball shape and personalise it with your logo. There are designs that work for businesses of all types. If you want something a little more sophisticated, we even have Chinese ball sets available for stress toys. These metal balls on a wooden base will last even longer than a squeezable stress toy and look classy on anyone's desk.

Personalise Stress Toys for Your Brand

It's easy to customise our printed stress balls. Create your own branded stress toys by printing high-quality images onto them. You can print your company logo or name onto our foam stress toys or stress balls. They make excellent promotional gifts because they won't just be tossed aside and forgotten. People will pick them up and play with them, meaning they will see your logo or brand name all the time. Keep your name at the forefront of their minds when you print your name or logo onto stress toys.

Use Promotional Stress Toys to Enhance Your Communications

Promotional stress toys have a fantastic range of uses. You can give them out at trade shows and conferences when you're promoting your brand, perhaps with other promotional items and materials. You might want to include them in direct mail campaigns to make your marketing materials more eye-catching. Or you could use promotional stress toys to enhance a marketing campaign aimed at existing customers, giving them a small gift they'll appreciate.

View our selection of promotional stress toys to find one that will help you promote your message.

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