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Promotional Ice Scrapers

Giving away promotional items is a great way to attract attention for your company, show appreciation to your staff, and recognise clients and potential clients. If you want to give out branded promotional items, choosing seasonal options is a fun idea. Frisbees for the summer, flower seeds for the spring, and umbrellas for pretty much all year (when you live in the UK) are all great choices. If you want an excellent choice for the winter months, promotional ice scrapers are a fun and useful option. People will get them out any time they need to defrost their car and carry them around with them.

Ice Scrapers for Certain Industries

Promotional ice scrapers can be especially good for some industries that might want to give away a relevant product. If your company is involved in vehicles in any way, you could consider ice scrapers as a small gift to give to your clients. Perhaps you offer valeting services, sell cars, or own a garage or petrol station. You already know that your clients have cars, so they're sure to find a handy ice scraper useful. Of course, your business doesn't have to have a link to cars or driving. Anyone can appreciate an ice scraper, and they are easily kept in someone's glovebox or even in their wallet.

Types of Ice Scrapers

You can choose your ice scrapers from a selection of different designs. Choose a promotional product that works for your budget and for how you want your clients or your staff to see you. Some of the designs you can choose from include:

  • Classic ice scrapers - standard plastic ice scrapers are a classic, and they're an affordable option too
  • Credit card scrapers - offer people an ice scraper they can fit in their wallet with these compact ice scrapers
  • Gloved ice scrapers - these ice scrapers come with a glove attached to keep the chill away for a little extra luxury
  • LED ice scrapers - light the way on dark winter mornings and evenings with these scrapers with little lights
  • Ice scraper with snow brush - deal with ice and snow at the same time with this telescopic double tool
  • Parking disk scraper - get a whopping three tools in one with a combined parking disk, ice scraper and shopping trolley tokens included too

Brand Your Ice Scrapers

Start promoting your brand and make your promotional ice scrapers more personal by branding them with your brand colours, logo, and other details. Turn your credit card ice scrapers into business cards by printing your information on them.  Get whatever you want digitally printed in full colour on select products, such as our Classic Ice Scraper or Credit Card Ice Scraper. Even simply choosing the right colours can help to brand your promotional ice scraper products so that people will always carry a small part of your company with them.

Get in touch with Positive Media Promotions if you're interested in ordering promotional ice scrapers for your company. They're perfect for a winter giveaway.

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